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Had that Isaora only been black instead.
  What brand is that?
Not bad.. But I'm looking for something a bit more street. Looks too casual to me.
Pics please :)
    I quite like this one. But I'm not really that into army.
That's hard to say, but don't feel like spending more than 100-200£ for a jacket. But it depends.   But feel free to post pics of some Anorak's you like, regardless of the price. :)
  Hello.   Do anyone know any good looking Hooded Pullover Anorak's? The ones with a halfway zip or something similar.   I've looking everywhere on net. Even on some japanese sites. I want to find the perfect one.   I like the way this one looks: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kyuta/item/kt3212/ but I don't feel like importing from Japan.
Can anyone identify the jacket this guy is wearing? Or a jacket that looks similar?_     I would be forever grateful  
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