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Never worn outside the house. Size US 11.5, but fits a bit smaller. I wish they fit but, but they're just a bit too small $200 $150  $120 shipped
    Where is that shirt from? 
  If you get a chance, could you take a photo of them? Would love to see a pair of navy cronmoks 
Ha, that's yours? That's the one photo i've seen around the internet that makes me want to buy it. How well does it go with Inidigo jeans?
Does anyone have photos of Red Neumoks in the wild? Really struggling to decide if it's worth $250 if i hardly wear them
There isn't anywhere in Melbourne that stocks Allen Edmonds is there. I wanted to at least see some before i ordered them. Peter Sheppard don't anymore
I'm really unsure about getting a pair of Red Neumoks. From the pictures in this thread, i love the look of them but i don't know how practical they would be for a $200 shoes. Does anyone have an pictures of them with jeans or non-business pants. They're literally impossible to find new in Australia, the only store that sold AEs recently dropped them.   Thanks
Where can i find a shirt similiar to the J. Crew Hillside Madras under $100
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