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I really like the tie!
Not really Oxford Bags but pretty close to it with 22" at the hem (IIRC). I shortened the legs myself and accidentally made them a little too short, so I'll have to lengthen them a little bit when I get the chance so that I get a little more break. Thanks. I quite like the neat top and full bottom look (among many other looks that I like), so I'm probably gonna keep these as they are. That said, your suit looks very good with the slimmer legs. 
Thanks! Unfortunately not. -------- Wow, 21 thumbs on my first post! That's gonna be hard to live up to... Thank you all very much. Here's what I wore to my brothers graduation last month. Late 30s-early 40s navy db suit and a deadstock shirt with pink stripes from the 40s. Stiff detachable collar. I know that the hat isn't really the ideal choice for the outfit but due to my very small headwear collection, that was my only option at the time. 
Ok, after a long time lurking am I now to post my first fit pic here on Styfo. If it gets well received then I'll post some older outfits. The jacket is a vintage cotton db jacket from the 1920s and the tie is made by me.   [[SPOILER]]
Says the man with his crotch as his avatar...  
Yeah, I got that; I was only joking about the for sale part. (I would however buy it without a second thought if it was indeed for sale!) I'm really looking forward to those pictures. Seeing as I'm a pro photographer, I'd love to help out with the photography and be able to see the suits in person, alas I'm on the other side of the world... 
I want to know more about this suit. Particularly what size it is and if it's for sale.  Seriously, though, I'd love to see more pictures of that suit.
Nice boots. Who made them?
Orient.   http://www.orient-watch.com/products/category/?category_id=8
  I'm not sure what "kop" means but I'm assuming that you're asking me if I bought them? In that case, no. I did some rough calculations and with the shipping and the customs duties they wouldn't cost me much less than a pair of Carminas from Skoaktiebolaget.   I still might get a pair, though, since I read somewhere a while ago that they write down the value on the package so that might be worth looking into. They do look very nice, but as sinnedk stated, the leather...
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