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Interesting challenge. I'm travelling this week so my wardrobe is very limited, but I'll try to come up with something.
The voting is over and we have a clear winner; congratulations @Academic2!! And thank you to all participants.
The poll expires at midnight tonight (GMT).
Vote now in the Friday challenge:
The poll is up!
Wow, Academic, that tie is awesome!!
Well, in my mind a christmas tie is definitely a novelty tie and as such sugarbutch's tie qualifies without question. As for crust's bow tie I'm not entirely sure; on one hand I do get his reasoning, on the other hand there's FMs point that I also agree with. I think that we can all agree that bow ties are far from the norm these days. While they aren't extinct they are certainly unusual and seen as somewhat "quirky", and in my mind that can translate to novelty....
 It does. 
@EFV, I've done some thinking and am now inclined to approve of the tartan tie. After all, I did write in the "rules" that the level of novelty was up to the participant. Also I want as many entries as possible.  
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