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Orient.   http://www.orient-watch.com/products/category/?category_id=8
  I'm not sure what "kop" means but I'm assuming that you're asking me if I bought them? In that case, no. I did some rough calculations and with the shipping and the customs duties they wouldn't cost me much less than a pair of Carminas from Skoaktiebolaget.   I still might get a pair, though, since I read somewhere a while ago that they write down the value on the package so that might be worth looking into. They do look very nice, but as sinnedk stated, the leather...
Today, Skoaktiebolaget got a new Carmina balmoral boot. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/news/carmina-80092-suff-suede-balmoral-01       I'm kinda tempted to get a pair of those, especially considering the fact that I right now have enough money to spend... But I liked the old one with pebble grain instead of suede better so I think that I'll wait for that one to be restocked instead (it's said to be restocked in december ). This year I've spent way to much money...
That looks pretty bad IMO.
Does any of you guys have any experience of the Farqhuar from Ed et al?    http://edetal.sg/the-farqhuar.html  
From what I can find the Herring Holmes and Andrew Lock Northampton boot are on different lasts, the Herring on 2003 and AL on 125. 
  I don't own any shoes from SL so I have no idea, sorry.     They are very similar but they aren't 100% identical, for example the Herring boot have speed hooks whereas the Andrew Lock does not. Also, the soles are different. But they are both made by Cheaney so I guess that those differences aside, it's pretty much the same boot.   (Psst... Free shoe tree from Herring with code HSAB)     Yeah! The store opened today and I dropped in to look at them in person. I really...
  Well, definitely not as good and nice as Carmina, the ones that I know about are Herring Shoes Holmes (made by Cheaney) and Allen Edmonds Fifth Street.   EDIT: I almost forgot! Septíème Largeur and Markowski have some models too, although I personally don't like...
Personally I'd go with the bals as I prefer closed lacing and think that shoes without a cap toe look slightly off. But that was, however, a pair of (for me) unusually good looking chukkas.
They do take order via e-mail, see details at http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/store   Too bad about the no news from Meermin part but hopefully you'll here from them soon.
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