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 This is the only one that I know of after more than a year of research in the matter, so I'm guessing that it's the one that you are thinking of.
That is pretty much a perfect combination.   Also, I like the hat.
Congratulations, @unbelragazzo!
Remeber to vote, the poll closes tonight.
And the voting starts... now!   The poll expires at midnight (GMT) on Monday.
Wow, I'm really happy to see all the entries so far. Kepp them coming! I've updated the original post with a deadline.
This weeks Friday challenge is here. Let your inner Irishman out and go green in celebration of St. Patrick!
New challenge is up! Go green for St. Patrick.
All outfits must be from this week and contain at least one green item.  [[SPOILER]]  
 Possibly. I don't remember what year the ad is from, but I think that it's from roughly the same time as the jacket, i.e. late 1910s.
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