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Based on its colour, I don't expect this suit to get a lot of praise over here. But I wanted to post it anyway as I'm very happy with it! Swedish suit from the 30s in excellent condition, bought at auction for 20 SEK (~£1.7!!!). Likely made in the small village that I live in (<100 people), as there used to be a tailor just a few hundred metres from my house back in the day.   [[SPOILER]]   Yes, I know that the jacket is short and the shoulders are very wide and padded....
 I have no memory of writing that. What was I thinking? I blame the late hour. 
 I actually think that the Barena jacket suits you better than the other two examples. I like big heads, I have one myself, and really like the narrow shoulders of the 1910s and 20s.  Small-headed people scare me. (true)
Whoa, that's awesome!
Picnic in the treehouse.     30s/40s cream flannel trousers and the tie is made by me.
Very nice. Details?
Ouch!  I feel your pain!
I'm stretching the rules a little bit as this outfit is from sunday, even though I posted it on monday. I doubt that I'll wear a striped tie for the next few days so this will be my only chance to participate in this FC. I hope that's ok. 
This is the last of my photographed fits on archive so now we must wait for the next occasion where I dress up before I can post more pictures. I suspect that this look will be too antiquated for most of you and it will therefore be very interesting to see your reactions. The suit is german and from before 1910; my guess is ~1905. The waistcoat is from the 20s and I probably should've buttoned the bottom button. The hat is the same as in the navy db outfit that I posted...
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