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 Those are very nice. Would you care to share some details on how you bought them?
 Ah, then I follow you. 
Why wouldn't it have been appropriate?
 Already done. TFL is where we came up with the idea for this MTO.  I don't know anything about it, except that it's Russian and made in 1926. As the Soviet Union was founded in 1922, yes, then I guess that means Soviet. I doubt that it's a military design, though, just a dress boot.
Yes, we want to make it as close to the original boot as possible.
 Thank you.
Here's what I wore today. 1919 dated jacket, the trousers and waistcoat are part of a 1921 3pc suit that I have. The button boots are from the teens and the tie likely from the 20s.      
Thanks! I've made it myself. 
A casual outfit from last week.  
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