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The only calf I've ever used that was waterproof on it's own is the Reverso veg tanned stuff from Lo Stivale near Pisa. We did a couple of models for the Japanese market where they used the grain side, which took a decent shine, although I'd hardly call it a dressy look.This boot is the same calf using both the grain and flesh side:
Outsole measure has absolutely no bearing, and is a poor indicator, of shoe fit. There should be plenty of posts here in the archive regarding this and could offer better help.
Exactly!I mean, I sell the stuff and even I think many have appeared to go too far.Take Renomat, for example. A good product, but I clearly say on my site to 'use it once or twice a year....max'. Yet, it appears some sellers are pushing it as an everyday type of product. Of course, we can't control how retailers choose to market or advertise our products it seems......
I think you've all gone nuts.....
Easily resoled.....all of my stuff can be sent back to me and we will handle the work. With those big Ripple soles, you can't run a stitch around them. At least we don't....no need to.
Clear wax.....done -
We have a product - well sold in the repair industry (especially in Europe) - called Renovatrice. Perhaps that was the confusion. renovatrice is a tinted 'fix it' cream, mainly used in back room work, while Renovateur is a neutral balm.
Agree with DW on the SC model.......looks like they used 2 different sized skins if I had to guess. I'd say a 38-40 on the right and maybe 32 on the left. Far from hideous though....and a tricky pattern to lay out (along the belly as opposed to across the belly) and find a match. Especially if the client doesn't want to wait a year or so for the shop to find the right match. The pattern difference comes from laying the pattern on the left shoe much closer to the...
sorta......Fuscus, actually.
Much to do about nothing........except a few $$.
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