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We have a product - well sold in the repair industry (especially in Europe) - called Renovatrice. Perhaps that was the confusion. renovatrice is a tinted 'fix it' cream, mainly used in back room work, while Renovateur is a neutral balm.
Agree with DW on the SC model.......looks like they used 2 different sized skins if I had to guess. I'd say a 38-40 on the right and maybe 32 on the left. Far from hideous though....and a tricky pattern to lay out (along the belly as opposed to across the belly) and find a match. Especially if the client doesn't want to wait a year or so for the shop to find the right match. The pattern difference comes from laying the pattern on the left shoe much closer to the...
sorta......Fuscus, actually.
Much to do about nothing........except a few $$.
last digit of the style # is the last. At least it used to be.
We did some samples some years ago in Elephant. Took an order at the show for a store in Europe somewhere, got back to the factory and called the supplier to order x sq. ft. of the sampled leather and they said 'thanks, we'll let you know when it's available'. Turns out, they use the ears and only from an animal that dies of natural causes. We cancelled the order. Nice leather though.
Hi Kentyman -No idea the history and why it would come up here......I don't spend as much time poking around as in the past. Thankfully, busy!Actually, my company is the distributor for Saphir and Medaille D'Or here in the States - we're the ones who get it to the shops and sellers. The MDO has much more mink oil in it, while the Blue Line Reno has a little coconut oil (or a derivative, not really sure) in it,a s well as a solvent. Believe it or not, even a distributor...
Both are very good products.....it should be noted, however, that Renovateur does NOT contain turpentine. Most other Medaille D'Or products do, as the solvent, but not Reno. Also, Horween's own webshop sells 3 products for care - Venetian, Reno & MDO Shell Cream. All are good. The variable, however, would be what a factory does to shell in their own finishing room....that can change how a product works. It would be worth asking A/E if they are spraying, maybe? I...
From the factory side of the conversation...it's known as a mistake. Happens more on shoes rushed a bit through production as well as when heels ordered from the supplier for single soles get used on double soled models.
There is a myriad of variations...... http://www.courtley-sons.it/constructions.php
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