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No....see post #393. That's the outsole bent down with the black thread loop, and the midsole assembly with the white stitch locked.
I only have a minute, but I'll try to answer quickly. Definitely not an expert though - just been around awhile. Happen to hang around about 14 different factories regularly, but no expert.1 - yes, pretty much....I suppose you could say it has some (minimal, but some) benefit in regards to not allowing water to get into the seam between the upper and the outsole, but minimal is the key word. Years ago I cut up a Moreschi shoe for viewing - shouldn't be hard to find in...
MWS....I'm at a bit of a loss on how to explain better - but do you mean the stitch? The stitch does not go thru the outsole, but rather stops somewhere in the middle.
6 hour drive today......anyway:The channel.....actually, the soles were ordered when I built the line to be done the usual way (simple stitch run thru the channel then closed...at least until it wears away) but then I changed mid stream and asked if we could play with the construction a bit and add this layer instead of the usual rand/fake welt. Soles were already made, so the channel guide the sole maker ran doesn't mean a thing in this case.....decided not to use it.As...
Welted shoes are 5%......most others 8.5%.
I remember! You did some great boots.....still have people sending me pics of the black shell and the tall buckle boot asking to have copied -
Token? Hardly......I know it's 'hard to believe', but here is a 10+ year old worn example....my own shoe -So, there's that.
Sure. They actually do not.....and it is a lockstitch -
Actually, there are plans in the works to bring the line back......maybe even as soon as SS16 but yet to be determined. Basically, when things got scary in Italy a few years ago from a financial perspective, the factory accepted the contract work for a very famous brand which provided an umbrella to stand under 'until the sun comes back', so to speak. It was necessary, and worked out well....everyone kept their jobs, the factory was able to expand into a second, updated,...
It just so happened that I was cutting up some shoes again this weekend.....trying to find a clean way to show the Norvegese & Rapid on my site. Not sure I can use these there, but I noticed this so thought it might be useful for some fresh cut-ups: Norvegese: You can also call this Bentivegna....more or less the same thing. I don't think the pic needs much explaining - pretty solid work here. Rapid: Again, not much to tell here the picture can't...
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