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Actually, I wasn't alluding to that at all......I was more alluding to the pots/articles/blogs/etc. that attempt to answer the exact types of questions that you have asked here, and in your following comment.These are questions that, honestly, cannot be answered. You are looking for absolutes where none exist.
The problem with all of these types of articles - especially on the internet - is that they constantly strive to find absolutes, at the expense of individual circumstances. The internet, obviously, has been a wonderful tool to spread information much more efficiently to many more people on a huge range of topics......the question becomes, is the information any good? And, to a lesser extent, do the readers have the ability to determine that? There aren't many Editors on...
Don't mean to jump into a retailers thread, but since it has come up.....It was a project I did with Borgioli, and have the same construction coming again from Sassetti in the Spring. The EB here is fantastic - very clean. I will say that Radica/Museum probably wouldn't work for Norvegese/Treccia construction, though...the leather is too thin (almost ladies weight) to handle the work. We even had to delay the current delivery for one Season because the Annonay calf was...
When your eye tells you to clean up your shoes, but some cream on them. When it dries (solvent based around 2 minutes...water based around 5) brush them up. If you want to add a little protection and/or shine, same thing with a neutral wax. Wear them, be done. It takes all of 10 minutes. Get a bottle of some sort of Balm and use that quickly in between.....takes all of 2 minutes.If you want to drive yourself batshit, read the rest of this thread.
The only calf I've ever used that was waterproof on it's own is the Reverso veg tanned stuff from Lo Stivale near Pisa. We did a couple of models for the Japanese market where they used the grain side, which took a decent shine, although I'd hardly call it a dressy look.This boot is the same calf using both the grain and flesh side:
Outsole measure has absolutely no bearing, and is a poor indicator, of shoe fit. There should be plenty of posts here in the archive regarding this and could offer better help.
Exactly!I mean, I sell the stuff and even I think many have appeared to go too far.Take Renomat, for example. A good product, but I clearly say on my site to 'use it once or twice a year....max'. Yet, it appears some sellers are pushing it as an everyday type of product. Of course, we can't control how retailers choose to market or advertise our products it seems......
I think you've all gone nuts.....
Easily resoled.....all of my stuff can be sent back to me and we will handle the work. With those big Ripple soles, you can't run a stitch around them. At least we don't....no need to.
Clear wax.....done -
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