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Any info on whether Momotaro will produce 0202BR?
How about black jeans with indigo denim jacket? Or is that faux pas?   I sometimes rock S5000BK with 2105SP...it seem to work.
I have BOM004 & BOM005 and love the denim.   Found one small issue on both pairs.  The front pocket opening is very tight to the point that it feels like cutting the back of my hand as I reach into them.  Never experienced this on any of my other raw jeans, even if they are new or well worn in.
Updated measurements on BOM005 reflects a tapered cut as it was intended.    @Rightyow77.  I understand your dilemma. I am ordering BOM005 and will try to resist BOM006, but probably end up getting both.
BOM005 measurements appear to be a lot slimmer compared to BOM004.
I got my Iron Rangers shipped to Australia from Revolve in November 2012.  Their shipping policy must have changed since then, or someone is giving you BS.  
Yes. Sign of crotch blowout happening there.
With soak/wash the waist should shrink to tag size and stretch about 1". In your case, shrink to 29" and stretch to 30" with consistent wear.  To help maintain 29" waist you can wear a belt to minimize stretching.   Boil hot water in a kettle and soak jeans in the bucket - that should do the job fine.  Just be careful and don't soak your jeans with water beyond 60 degrees celsius (whatever that works out to be in Fahrenheit), the leather patch will cook and look like...
Oh dear...Midnight Warrior in tapered fit - I must resist.
Can't go wrong with S5000 cuts.
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