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I asked this question on the Momotaro Thread and got no response...perhaps some luck here.   Any info on whether Momotaro will produce 0202BR?
Any info on whether Momotaro will produce 0202BR?
Judging from the measurements posted on the website.  Both fits look skinny.
Look at the positive.  You might have enough BOW points to make you next purchase free. 
This is not necessarily a bad thing.  My BOM005 doesn't fade easily.  Been wearing everyday for 3 weeks and haven't notice any fading.
Will BOM007 be available in size 36?
The indigo bleeding reminds me of Nudie. Mine is in rotation with a few other pairs, so fading is going to be extremely slow.
How about black jeans with indigo denim jacket? Or is that faux pas?   I sometimes rock S5000BK with 2105SP...it seem to work.
I have BOM004 & BOM005 and love the denim.   Found one small issue on both pairs.  The front pocket opening is very tight to the point that it feels like cutting the back of my hand as I reach into them.  Never experienced this on any of my other raw jeans, even if they are new or well worn in.
My pair is on it's way in the mail.  I asked Jay to provide exact measurements so hopefully the fit will be fine.   Goes to prove how important it is to get the thigh measurements right.   Hope it works out for you, because BOM005 look amazing and I can't wait to to get mine.
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