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Any chance that more stock of the Ramsey in Oak is coming before the sale ends? Some sizes are sold out 
 Just like the ABC ... 
 Yeah, the stuff on their tumblr hits a lot of home runs.
 The sartorial equivalent of people who give out unsolicited advice at the gym. (They also don't know what they're talking about.)
I'm actually picking up a golf tomorrow, so you know what my vote is!
Breaking news, MJ Bail [sic] can sew a pay pass chip into your suit sleeve ... link to the article.
 What about this?
Was expecting delivery of latest PJ commission today, but rail line closure in SA has delayed all shipments to Perth. Poor thing is still sitting in a warehouse in Melb
 Cheers. I was concerned that they'd be only worn occasionally. I'll stick to old faithful, brown suede.
Hmm... decisions decisions... Is navy versatile enough to justify purchasing these puppies?  
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