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 Cheers. I was concerned that they'd be only worn occasionally. I'll stick to old faithful, brown suede.
Hmm... decisions decisions... Is navy versatile enough to justify purchasing these puppies?  
 I hear you, my semester has been excessively work heavy due to poor lecturers and too many assessments.
 And did you elect to topy it or not?
How did you go with shipping? I tried to order a pair of shoes from them long time ago. The postage was quoted at $150, wondering if they've improved that at all since then.
 What cloth was that, A/B? 
A question for gents that partake in wrist bling, how do you work out what size man bracelets to order? How much do you add to your wrist measurement to get bracelet size? Looking at Viola Milano specifically, can't decide whether to get medium or small.
 I think Double Monk started selling decent generic ones for $20?
Nice boots. I've been craving some dark navy suede chukkas myself.
 Not missing for me!
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