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What else would you wear a pair of black brogue wingtips with, other than a suit, anyway? Sleek black dress shoes look strange with more casual outfits, at least to my eye.
If you don't feel like flying, Double Monk will also pop shoes in the post for you anyway, at a rate of $25 a pair. I've used this twice now for C&J hand grades with no problems. I guess it only works if you already know what you want and your size, but even if not, you could probably make some arrangements in advance for a return/exchange, should your order turn out not to fit you properly.
With all the recent talk of fragrances, can we talk deodorants? I'm in need of a new one, and I was wondering if any SF gents have recommendations. While I generally love Aesop products, I found the scent to be a bit much in deodorant form. I'm looking at the Men's Biz range at the moment, does anyone have any thoughts as to how well Penhaligon/Jack Black/Baxter's deodorant sticks work in our climate?   Cheers guys.
 Grats, my degree is done now too, still have to do PLT. 
A bit off topic but anyone here rocking one of the new GMT IIs? I've decided I'm keen but really torn between the stainless steel and the two-tone...
 http://www.thearmourystore.com/categories/footwear/carmina-uetam-80285-loafer-suede-natural ?  
 I quite like that look - think I've seen another pic of that jacket with a PJ zig-zag tie? Feeling inclined to get something similar made for the summer...
Cheers, it's strange how much the Oak varies in photos. Those Blake look nice, too.
Does anyone else have any pictures of the Oak AS Ramsey's in the wild? I'm thinking of getting a pair, but I'm not sure about the color. They look really light brown in some pictures and dark in others (e.g. wurger's pics in this thread, but also google image results more generally).   Cheers.
 I am in Perth as well. I think the best thing for us at the moment, if you want English (e.g. Crockett and Jones), is to call Double Monk in Melb and ask them to ship a pair out to you. I have done this. If they don't stock the model you want, they can get them in as part of their regular shipments at no extra charge. Their prices are fairly competitive - our other options are shipping direct from C&J (ridiculously expensive shipping and slightly clumsy, since you have to...
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