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Anyone here used a forwarding service to order things from Japan? Tenso looks relatively reputable, just wondering if anyone has any experiences/pitfalls to share.
Now to wait for the wave of fit pics featuring the new AS Moores to hit, so I can gauge the colours :P
 The SF RMW 'Forum Special' has a screwed sole as I remember - you might be able to get some guidance as to how sleek the screwed sole is by searching for that.
 What exactly does formal mean? I'm guessing we're in the age where 'formal' just means lounge suit?
Hey guys,   Where would one source some decent cufflinks these days? I thought I might try to locate some subtle, simple ones for variety from silk knots. I just checked Drakes of London and it appears they no longer carry cufflinks.   I already know of Kent Wang and also the slim pickings from The Armoury. Are there any other vendor/brand options I'm forgetting? I have flicked through the sites of 'fashion houses' and various jewellery designers', but unsurprisingly...
Can confirm that the kids of the rough-and-tumble primary school I went to used that one almost universally (I was born in 1990).
Greetings JL enthusiasts! I have just stumbled come across the City III, a black oxford in a grain leather with a rubber sole. I thought this might be a good choice for the current inclement weather, and decent in combination with a suit in a fuzzy cloth.   Did anyone pick a pair of these up while they were available? Apart from being curious what they look like in the wild, I'm worried they might have been a limited edition that has since been dumped, as they've...
I know that I shouldn't even respond to something like this, but I can't resist observing the irony in him calling us racists, when he basically decided to drop a random rant about some apparent traits shared by all Australians, and apparently did so just because he came across a thread called Australian Members...
 Nice looking watch! Who makes your shirts? I think from memory PJ OTRs had an extra 1/2 an inch in the left cuff for a watch, so you could swap hands and it'll probably fit under.
 Yeah, people have a thing about watches with roman numerals? When I tried on a watch last week, the sales assistant was pointing to some similar watches, "but those have roman numerals" she said, waving dismissively towards some other brands on display with a sort of sneer. Was wondering what was up with that.
New Posts  All Forums: