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Leather Soul in Waikiki has awesome shoes
Very few in MC wear double-breasted suits. I would avoid the style of (1).   Options (2), (3) and (4) look excellent.   (5) might be pushing it - this isn't the most common. I certainly make that my first purchase, if that helps. For (6), it might look okay in person but it appears rather bright to me. I think (2) is similar and a better choice.
There is one in San Francisco that does the same. I believe prices are $750-950.
 These look fantastic
Awesome first post!
I have this exact style and it's great. Really happy with it.
Nordstrom Rack often has AE first under $300
This is very nice well done!   I really enjoy the color.   Consider a less prominent logo?
Tailor's Touch on Oak Street has rush services
Consider Independence on Oak Street for shoes from Oak Street Bootmakers. They are great for casual shoes. One street south on Delaware is the Church's store, which is the Chicago outpost of the famous English shoemaker. You also have all the high-end department stores like Bloomingdale's, Barney's etc. within a few streets of each other.   For deals, consider Nordstrom Rack near the same area. You can also try the new outlet mall in Rosemont, very nice the ORD airport.
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