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Sorry if this has been asked before.   MrPorter UK has suede Jodhpur's in a color called 'cognac.' See link: https://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/saint_laurent/suede-jodhpur-boots/730551?ppv=2    Is this the same color as 'cigar' from the main YSL site: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/shoes-boots-wyatt-30-jodhpur-boot-in-cigar-suede_cod44930644op.html#section=men_shoes_boots    Thank you
 Looks really amazing
 I found this really amusing. Brioni thought 'hey let's made a fake-interview edgy video that will drum up excitement in our brand" but clearly they should have spent more time thinking this through... Metallica probably thought this was a way to get free suits to wear to their kids' weddings Oh well...maybe this will go on for 2-3 years before they shift back to something good again.
They have a suede called named 'Polo' that is excellent. I have boots and loafers in this color. I purchased both from Skokiebolaget.
The Purple Label line has a great denim jacket this season: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99352206&cp=54803326.54803356&ab=ln_men_cs_jackets&parentPage=family    I saw it at the Chicago Ralph Lauren store and just had to purchase it. It's really elegant in person. Not a cheap one unfortunately but great quality. 
Recommendation: replace your shoe laces with new ones on your older shoes as they get beat up. I have a versatile pair of OSB camp doc shoes but the laces were starting to look pretty gross after all the times I've worn them. I purchased new laces and had a cobbler re-lace them for me. The shoes look nearly brand new again. This is a great way to get some extra life and a new look from your shoes. Very pleased with mine.
Navy or dark grey would be a better choice
Looks like RRL is excluded from the Spend 700 Save 200 promotion. Does RRL usually get excluded? Would it be realistic to expect a sale prior to the holidays? Looking to pick up a few pairs of jeans
I'm with the OP. If anyone has any care best practices to share, I'd be interested in hearing them. These type of shoes seem to get beat up rather quickly and, aside from only wearing them while driving, there seems to be limited info on how to care for an maintain them.
It's pretty picked over already. Items were disappearing as I was browsing this morning. It's probably still worth a look if you have a less common size.
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