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Drake's items are on sale at the USA MrPorter site as a FYI
Give Oak Street Bootmakers a look. They are doing well in the USA
Looks great. Just avoid pairing with navy trousers and you should be set
I found both their classic and tailored fit casual trousers to be very baggy for my liking, especially in the thigh area. I would only consider them if that is the style you are going for.
Try Boguslaw or Tailor's Touch, both on Oak Street in Chicago. I go to Boguslaw for the hard stuff.
Looking for a Spring / Summer pair of shoes. What do people think of this?  Link here
There was a Brooks Brothers Gatsby Collection suit that was light pink and for sale last Summer. You might still be able to track one down.
Give this place a look http://www.chelseatailoring.com/page3.htm  
BB has a velvet slippers style that is identical to the sovereign slippers sold by Church's. So my conclusion is that Church's is manufacturing that style for them.
I've had three suits as well as one tuxedo made by Nicholas Joseph. I also have had three shirts made by him. I think the suits are an excellent fit and I'm very happy with them. I have had less success with the shirts. While appearing well-made, I haven't got the fit quite right with them. My shirts always seem very baggy to me and I prefer the OTR slim fit from Charles Tyhrwitt instead
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