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I'm with the OP. If anyone has any care best practices to share, I'd be interested in hearing them. These type of shoes seem to get beat up rather quickly and, aside from only wearing them while driving, there seems to be limited info on how to care for an maintain them.
It's pretty picked over already. Items were disappearing as I was browsing this morning. It's probably still worth a look if you have a less common size.
 This should take you straight to the sale: http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=53333306&cp=2943767&s=D-DollarRank&ab=ab=en_US_TickerBanner_ShopAllSale 
 I have these shoes too, and could not keep them tied. Then I found this website and problem solved: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/secureknot.htm 
Sorry I'm no longer in Paris
The Paris stores - as part of the seasonal 'soldes' - have 40% off and a great selection. In particular the Rue Saint Honore store had many different styles including the usual trendier ones they put out for sales but also some very traditional styles in brown and black.
Does anyone have pictures of a "lived-in" natural penny loafer style? I have my eyes on a pair for the summer but wanted to get a sense for how they will look over time.
I went down a full size for a loafer but used my normal size for the boots. Going down a full size was snug at first but has worked out well after they broke in.
Should be easy to pair these with jeans, light trousers or shorts
@NickPollica is that cotton and linen sweater available to purchase anywhere? I'll buy one.
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