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Does anyone have pictures of a "lived-in" natural penny loafer style? I have my eyes on a pair for the summer but wanted to get a sense for how they will look over time.
I went down a full size for a loafer but used my normal size for the boots. Going down a full size was snug at first but has worked out well after they broke in.
Should be easy to pair these with jeans, light trousers or shorts
@NickPollica is that cotton and linen sweater available to purchase anywhere? I'll buy one.
 Do any online stores have that one? Also interested. Probably not interested enough to buy clothes over the phone for the first time ever though :) 
Lots pretty normal to me. I wouldn't worry.
 I'm definitely not an expert here. I don't think the heel is unusually narrow or wide relative to other shoes I own. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
On the boots, I did TTS - I am a 10. On the moc, I actually went with a 9. It was snug at first but not it fits perfectly.
I don't think so. Nordstrom has only carried OSB for maybe 2 years now, so maybe this will change over time? They are a small company and therefore discounting really isn't their model. The OSB website and the retail store Independence have 10% and 20% off sales from time to time. There are some deeper discounts when OSB is doing a collaboration with some other outlet, who then might be clearing their inventory in Summer or Winter. Generally speaking though I would plan on...
At the Chicago store, there are a lot of Purple and Black Label items that have marked down prices, probably around 60% I'd say. Some of the Polo items are cheaper in store than on the website. I got a cashmere cable knit sweater for 200 USD instead of the 280 the website is currently charging. Unclear to me if there is an additional sale coming after the 14th. Worth a visit for sure. 
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