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Also yes
I have the brown ones. I wear them everywhere and they are perfect for Summer. They look great as they have gotten beaten up. 
I like that watch too...can't justify the cost though
Looks like the Hunt Boots are on sale for 40% off. Original price was $376 and now is $225. Link is here: http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear 
I wish you good luck. Always nice to hear new businesses getting started.   Personally, I think you might find a niche for Spring / Summer, although it might be a small market. I would imagine it would be harder to do this for Autumn / Winter.   Good luck!
This is typical of that type of leather. Honestly your boots will look better after this and three months more of beating them up. Nothing to worry about - enjoy!
Leather Soul in Waikiki has awesome shoes
Very few in MC wear double-breasted suits. I would avoid the style of (1).   Options (2), (3) and (4) look excellent.   (5) might be pushing it - this isn't the most common. I certainly make that my first purchase, if that helps. For (6), it might look okay in person but it appears rather bright to me. I think (2) is similar and a better choice.
There is one in San Francisco that does the same. I believe prices are $750-950.
 These look fantastic
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