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This is what I say about my ex-girlfriends
I'm pretty sure there is a thread somewhere in the Streetwear & Denim section.   I own 3 pairs of OSB shoes including the boots. They are all excellent quality and I'm really happy with them. They wear in well and acquire some nice character over time. For the boots, they fit TTS and I would agree they have a larger toe box area. This is by design I think as you can wear them with thicker socks.    I think you'll be happy with them if you buy them.
 These seem clever but I'm not sure how they will look in the real world. It made me think of this:  I would pass.
It was all a dream?
The article you linked to is six months old. This unfortunately is old news.
Well put
Consider posting this in the Church's Appreciation thread if no one responds
THANKS30 is no longer working
Yes! I'm super happy
Sorry, I may have confused you. It was an email that had a direct link for me. I don't know how I would share it.
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