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Jim, Which leather type did you purchase? Or which style #?
Why do you not like the comfort? And which model did you purchase? Where have people been able to find best deal? I haven't been able to find anywhere in US that carries it for same place as the aus stores.
I am looking for a chelsea that I can wear with jeans, but also wear with slacks and sport coat.  Is there a certain style of chelsea that will work with both?  If not that is fine, but would prefer to purchase one that is the most versatile.    I have been leaning towards a RM Williams, but would consider the Septieme Largeur that is mentioned above.  Which do you think is the better boot?  I know the RM is more but I would be willing to spend more if it is worth...
I am looking for some chelsea boots to go with jeans.  My question is which brand should I get for around $300?  I am looking now at the Allen Edmonds Ashbury or the RM Williams.  The Ashbury is on sale now so would be quite a bit cheaper but I want to get a boot that will last a long time.  Looks like the Ashbury has a rubber sole, is this normal with chelsea boots?  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.
How does the AE Chelsea compare to other brands?  Trying to keep cost around $300 or less.  The AE description says it has a rubber sole.  Here is description.       Allen Edmonds Ashbury Description: Exclusively from Allen Edmond's Boot Collection, Ashbury is modeled after a Chelsea style boot, popular in the 1960s. This high quality boot is constructed from a traditional welted process. Made with close attention to detail, you can be sure this durable boot...
Also looking at the AE Ashbury, any thoughts?
Hello, I am just starting to purchase quality shoes and today purchased the AE Strand in Walnut and the AE Park Avenue in Black after advice from the forum.    Here is my question/dilemma?  After reading more threads and articles than I can count, I still can't tell if AE Walnut Strands go with denim in a business casual/casual setting.  I am going to purchase a pair of AE's and can't decide on what to go with?    #1 Can the AE Walnut Strand's I bought today...
Great, thanks a lot. I have read some contradicting advice that the walnut wingtips can go with jeans. What is everyone's thoughts?
Hello, New to the forum/fashion, trying to build a solid wardrobe.  I need some good dress shoes and am looking at getting some AE shoes.  I am wanting to buy 2 pairs to start off.  The two I'm looking at are:   1 pair of Black AE Park Avenue or the Fifth Avenue in Black-will wear primarily with suits http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/cati2_Shoes_1_40000000001_-1_______189_subcategory?   1 pair of AE Strand, leaning towards walnut but open to bourbon, this...
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