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I too have a questions regarding fit of Engineered Garments jackets/coats.   I'm new to the outerwear but have purchased a number of tops. Unfortunately, my build does not work with the sizing of the shirts (the are all really long in the arms on me) but I really admire a number of outerwear pieces.   So, my questions...   It would appear that jackets like the "Work Jacket", "Workaday Utility", and "Coverall" coat have the "bell" shaped design I've heard so much...
Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate your opinion.  They actually do this in a heavy tweed but what I liked about this one is that it's a lighter alternative to vests.  I do have a melton wool engineer vest that I wear when opportunity presents itself.   I'm out in California so the option to wear a down/puffer are extremely limited and since I'm not in academia the thought of wearing a tweed vest with a jacket does not suit me or the aesthetic I'm after.
    Have this one in my sights.  This would be my first Post O'alls royal traveler.  Found this one online and can't seem to NOT love it.  I could hold off and search for a solid; but this just looks beautiful.   However, it seems fairly limited in what I might wear it with.  I know a chambray or white oxford would definitely work. Maybe blue check or gingham... stripes.   Any opinions/ideas style forum?   Thanks!
Taking a shot in the dark here, but I'm building up my Post collection and was hoping someone on here might have something I'm looking for...   Specifically; I'm looking for a Royal Traveler Vest in XL. I found some new but I'm looking to spend <$200.   If anyone has lost weight, changed style, etc and is looking to get rid of that vest please hit me up.   Also interested in any Post flannel shirts or any type of Post shirt in size XL.   Thank you!
Hello Gents,   New member, though I've been reading as much as time will allow for several months.  Gained quite a few insights, however I still have numerous questions.   Hope this is the right place to ask... so here we go.   I'm considering investing in some red wing boots, however I really want to put them to daily use but not in the sense that they were originally intended. I've gained definite appreciation for American made and guaranteed items, so the...
New Posts  All Forums: