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I agree with you, but after clicking on the link and looking at a wider selection of attendees' "clothing" choices, I am willing to forgive him. I shall be surprised at nothing after viewing some of these atrocities.
Van Veen. if the stated dress code was indeed white tie then the number of attendees who were properly attired -- both women and men -- can probably be counted on one, at most two, hand(s) -- and that would include the ladies. Looking at these pictures, one truly wonders if adults have any sense of how to dress themselves anymore. The conventions of formal evening dress make it quite simple to get it right, yet these people look like they are wearing fancy dress. Once...
 That's what I suspected :-). Pure satin makes about as much sense as saying something is pure twill or pure jersey -- a knit rather than a weave, but the same concept applies. It's an absolutely nonsensical statement, as the term "pure" (e.g., pure wool, pure cotton) can only refer to the fibre content rather than the weave.
The mess jacket can be a very nice look, but it is best suited for a tall and slender physique. I am rather partial to the scarlett mess jackets worn by HM Armed Forces, in this case Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The image illustrates my point quite nicely.
I give you a thumbs up just for that Monty Python quote!
Pray do tell, what is pure satin? Curious minds want to know. Satin is a weave, i.e., the way threads are woven to create a fabric, thus I'd really like to know what you mean by pure satin.
Very nicely written. I am, of course, delighted that you enjoyed yourself. Dancing in Vienna is an all-night affair, but I think that can be said about all of Europe including the UK. I am always wondering why balls and galas in the US end so early? I'd love to know the history and reasons...Labour laws? Remnants of the Prohibition Era?The ball scene in Vienna is very much influenced and guided by Austria's imperial heritage. I learnt that the current ball culture goes...
Thank you for posting the NY Times pictures, Poorsod. Some of the captions are, probably unintentionally, funny: e.g., the reference to waltz dresses. I am fairly knowledgeable about ladies' wear, but I have never heard of a waltz dress. I call these full-skirted frocks ball gowns. There is no need to invent a new word. I had a brief look at the NY Web site, and the stated dress code said white tie, yet I see several men in black tie. Having been to the original Opernball...
The Musikverein is indeed a nice venue, and I had attended the Philharmoniker Ball in the past. I am very glad that you enjoyed it, as I have deep ties to Vienna and the ball season, having debuted at the Officers' Ball in the 1990s. I also attended many of Vienna's most famous balls as a teenager and uni student thanks to discounted tickets and vouchers. Regarding your sartorial observations, I am afraid that the rebellious 60s and 70s interrupted the chain of knowledge,...
I think he may mean knee-high silk socks; at least, that is what my husband wears with white and black tie. The word hosiery, of which hose is a derivative, serves as an umbrella term for all garments that are worn directly on the legs and feet.   However, as there are men who seem to have taken a fancy to legwear that is usually reserved for us ladies, only Sam H can clarify his comment with absolute certainty.
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