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Sounds about right.
Looks fine to me. Ur feet look long as hell but I guess u just have big feet. Tip, wear dress socks
I had the same questions before I ordered mine. Jay said that he's had multiple people have them shrink at least a size. Haven't washed or soaked mine. Just wore them as soon as I got them.
Kangaroo is good shit. It's used a lot on high end motorcucle racing gloves. Strong ,but still supple and tactile.
Boot cut is acceptable. Jeans that flare out ANY at the hem are not.
Looks fine man, Rock out. Nice shoes btw.
What size are they? The fit looks good. Is it the leg opening that's bothering you or the overall looseness?
I agree. I've only bought 2 pair of unsanforized denim; NF x kamikaze attack and levis shrink to fit. The first being the levis which I soaked twice and they where still huge. So I just don't even deal with that shit. Just to iffy. With a 50$ pair who cares, but if I spend 200+ on jawnz and the don't fit we'll after shrink thats just to big of a waist. Didn't attempt to soak or shrink the NF x kamikaze attack. Just bought ma size and rocked out.
That's a tuff question.
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