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Third of fourth gen? What year? Love the car (and watch)!
Hey guys, I went over to an Allen Edmonds factory store. I absolutely love these shoes! They had the parks for 199. I have decided I would be ok with that...Especially since I overheard a guy shopping, probably in his 50s, saying how he still had a pair that he had gotten in college. They said they would have to order my exact size..So I was a bit worried about not getting to see what the flaw would be...anyone have experience or guidance with this? Thanks
If I go with AE shoes I will probably be looking on ebay for some barely used ones since spending $300 on a pair of shoes at this point in my life is rather absurd. I would be approaching OK with something under $200.   I am taking my suit to the tailor this weekend. I will post a picture  for you guys once I get it back for a final check of approval.     Finally, on the topic of the cane, I will have to pass haha!       Off the topic of style, to...
Forgive me if I am out of my league....I just saw a Patek go by....Maybe once I get out of school, lol!   One of my 2 watches.        
    I see, the one I normally wear is the same. A probably ~$35 reversible belt...I think I got it at Belks. It has a small buckle and I have kept it in good condition.   I have no desire to spend a ton of money on a belt so I will take that into consideration.
That wasn't directed at you. But thanks, I will make sure not to forget that  .
I have no idea why anyone would do that either....But read my post and you will see it says I already own that watch.   I was already thinking about forgetting the cologne or just wearing the same tiny amount I wear daily. I guess I will just not wear any that day.     The belts I own would not be near the quality of Allen Edmonds so I will look into that as well.        Thanks for all the advice
Hi guys, I was previously discussing some attire with you guys for some upcoming interviews I have (dental school).   The advice was great and I went with a dark grey brooks brothers suit, it is only the 346 line though. I paid $300 for it and I am happy with that, seeing as how it is the first "real" suit I have gotten (the only previous thing was a mens warehouse deal for a wedding), so I think buying a $1000 suit would have been kind of insane...Also because I am...
Thanks for the input so far. I am from NC. I will be interviewing here and in the neighboring states.   I have looked at the Brooks Brothers suits online. There are some stores near-ish to me that I might go to. I have also heard this name Joseph A Bank tossed around but I know nothing about it.     Oh and I already have some brown dress shoes, brown/black belts...I have some black dress shoes too but they are loafers (probably not appropriate). 
Hi guys, I will be interviewing for dental school in about a month. I could use some advice.   I am going to go with a grey suit (a medium grey). I have previously bought suits at men's warehouse... But I am curious what I should look into for the next step up, if that exists while staying under 1k.    I am thinking white shirt with green or maybe purple/burgundy tie? (I have red hair, it's on the darker side of the spectrum but its definitely red, so I'm taking...
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