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Purchased these, were the wrong size. Simply missed the return window for Sperry. Only tried on.     Thanks
What do you guys think about this tie?     Thank you :)
Hey guys, I'm thinking about picking up a Zegna tie on ebay...Not sure about the authenticity, I don't know anything about the normal labels on Zegna ties, as I do not own one.   Here are some examples of labels   Here is one:     And...
So, I went shopping at Kohls today.   I don't go here for high end clothes, obviously....But I found a Marc Anthony "pure cashmere" sweater.   It was on a 75% clearance and I had a 30% off coupon, etc.. etc.. The MSRP was supposedly at $160 and I ended up paying $24 for it.. Whole time I was thinking, a cashmere sweater at Kohls? and for $24? But hey for $24 can't go wrong...I am just starting out my professional wardrobe and this is the first cashmere (or at...
Hey guys, I just bought a pair of Wilberts. I am entering the professional world and I thought it would be a good investment. Is there anything I should know on how to take care of these? I would like make my investment last as long as possible! Thanks.
Very cool! And yes, that is insanely modified.   I am curious about that sub enclosure....Did you manage to build that into the existing center console somehow (I don't know what the stock console looks like), or is that entire thing a custom fiberglass enclosure? 
Whoops! Yes I am. Thanks for catching my error.     Thank you guys for the suggestions!
What AE shoe/color would you guys recommend for wearing with kahkis/dress shirt (possibly a tie)? 
I like my Nexus 7 a lot. It is very handy to have around.  I am a Google/Android fan boy. I have a Galaxy Nexus too. The Nexus 7 is basically a bigger Galaxy Nexus which made me hesitant about buying it...But I find all kinds of uses for it. I am in school and I like to use it for looking through powerpoints, watching videos, looking at documents, browsing, etc....And it's much more pleasant than doing it on the Galaxy Nexus. 
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