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  Noted.... thanks again!   Regarding the Meermins, sounds like you've bought those.  I'm kind of a blind man on the website, as its not in English.  Can you comment on their sizing?    The site suggests UK8 = US10.5 = EU42..... That looks off, as I would think US9 = EU42.... I'll stick with that size unless they run long or something. 
  Yes mine are the "brushed nero".... and you hit the nail right on the head.  I had read about corrected grain, but never encountered a pair before.  These are going back.  I'll take a look at Meermins.  Also found some good feedback on Loake.   Thanks for the feedback everybody!
Hello All, I'm a long time reader, first time poster. You guys do a great job with this forum!! I've been in the market for a pair of black double monks in the $300-400 range. While on the search, I ran into a great deal and jumped on it: http://www.amazon.com/a-testoni-Mens-M45483UDM-Monkstrap-Loafer/dp/B007632QTC Got the shoes today, and the look great, except one issue.... the leather is extremely shiny!! It's described at polished, but looks almost like patent...
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