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This thread is so full of win.
If memory serves me correctly, Fok already banned somebody for posting their own stuff.  Is history to repeat itself? Edit: Yeah...   Also: Bless Winterponcho    Would2kop, but I already own one.  It's pretty awesome.
  Yeah, I've been suggesting this one for a while.  I'm definitely in.  Commando or Dainite sole both work.
Holy shit, you really want that leather bad huh?  Like, "let's post it 5x" bad.
  Staples: black, charcoal, dark grey, mid grey, midnight blue, navy blue Crazy: light pink, tangerine, amethyst, seafoam green, canary, maroon
  Planning to commit a crime?
You're all fired.
Oh, thought they were lasted.  My bad.   They do fit the shoes better than the Epics though.  I'd still be okay with Epics for shoes, but Carminas for boots.
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