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  I was talking about the pink pants, not the shirt.  The shirt won't fit me.   I don't need much on the pants, just a waist and inseam.
  Hook me up w/ exact measurements.  Definitely interested.
Any update on the second run of chocolate suede jodhpurs?
  I hand wash with Woolite, then dry them in the dryer on medium.
Congrats dood.  Enjoy the vacation, you deserve it.  
"Gsc-rinkan" posted up quite a few pairs of Julius_7 SS13 combat boots on Rakuten: (Black, Size 3) (Black, Size 2) (Black, Size 3) (Black, Size unknown, Outsole 30.5 cm,...
Keeping my fingers crossed for some of those rad Metropolis t-shirts. Those things are boss as hell.
So much win.
This thread is entertaining, if nothing else.
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