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 Yeah, my Armenian is a 3. It's a bit snug, so a 4 would probably give the best fit.  I suspect the 6 would fit way too oversized. I was playing with the idea of buying it off you anyway, but I thought it better not to.
Dat tartan Armenian.  Wish it was my size. Good luck with the sale!
 No, don't forget House of Cards. That show is the tits. I was planning to watch one or two episodes today. I ended up watching eight. Crazy plot twist in episode 1.
I got the grey one and the green one in VI and they're bloody huge. They run way large.
Compelling and rich.
 Making way too little money for working way too many hours. That's why I haven't kopped in a while. For shame.  I missed you too, though. 
I love toggle sweaters.
Knit blazer is the tits.
"2014ISHERE" at Acrimony for an additional 30% off the sale prices. Just kopped Richard purple melange knit blazer for just under two bills.
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