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Hello   This saturday morning the postman ring the bell   After having paid the 25% tax duty i could open the packet   and since then i am in the             Epaulet Weller Sportcoat Purple Melange Harris Tweed     The real colour tend to be more accurate, but not exactly, seen in the last photo The others are for the fabric subtile details   i try with less light, the purple of the inside  is...
Since i was far away in a cold area the "Chaîne des Puy" (center of France)       a packet reached my home     to deliver something very usefel to warm up   A good Chartreuse   Now next step is the taylor man    
Hello i see Epaulet sells Saphir products, maybe you  could have also this item, ask to the company which import Saphir in teh USA ?,524 it's the Saphir product care for Cordovan   rgds
No here is a set of photo of my Thorogood from Epaulet                          
Hello   With my new Wolverine 1000 Miles boots from Epaulet, right now i can walking thru the paths and driveway of Indianapolis                 The black  color is very deep and rich, it's stunning. The boots in itself are not "massive" : perfect   in the photo with an Epaulet rivet Chino sand cord.  
i just check the post office follow-up   31/12/2012 Votre colis est sorti de la douane. Centre Export 31/12/2012 Votre colis a fait l'objet d'une Taxation, il est en cours d'acheminement Centre Export 29/12/2012 Votre colis est retenu par nos services dans l'attente de son dédouanement. Centre Export 29/12/2012 Votre colis est pris en charge par La Poste. Il...
Hello   on the new shop epauletnewyork there is something not logical:   if you go to Sale menu you got 7 different shoes (carmina, yuketin, epaulet, wolverine) Then goto footwear=>shoes and here no sale items appears same for the footwear=>boot menu Now just click footwear only and all the shoes appears +  2 sale shoes (the black patent leather), the 5 others are missing   For the others sale items type  it seems they not appears on the regular menu...
      a kilt mmmhhh maybe that ill be an issue, the shoes are like a mirror and usualy nothing is wear under a kilt, have you really think about this tiny detail ?  
  a little background sound to listen when your wears it     Right now i am waiting for my Wolverine 100 miles boots, the packet is somewhere on "the matrix". For january a little chartreuse will be fine
Hello from Paris   I receive my Thorogood for Epaulet Horsehide No. 685 Boot   You all have a nice week end
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