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Since i was far away in a cold area the "Chaîne des Puy" (center of France)       a packet reached my home     to deliver something very usefel to warm up   A good Chartreuse   Now next step is the taylor man    
Hello i see Epaulet sells Saphir products, maybe you  could have also this item, ask to the company which import Saphir in teh USA ?   http://www.valmour.fr/produits-entretien/cirage-creme-cordovan-saphir-medaille-dor,524 it's the Saphir product care for Cordovan   rgds
No here is a set of photo of my Thorogood from Epaulet                          
Hello   With my new Wolverine 1000 Miles boots from Epaulet, right now i can walking thru the paths and driveway of Indianapolis                 The black  color is very deep and rich, it's stunning. The boots in itself are not "massive" : perfect   in the photo with an Epaulet rivet Chino sand cord.  
i just check the post office follow-up   31/12/2012 Votre colis est sorti de la douane. Centre Export 31/12/2012 Votre colis a fait l'objet d'une Taxation, il est en cours d'acheminement Centre Export 29/12/2012 Votre colis est retenu par nos services dans l'attente de son dédouanement. Centre Export 29/12/2012 Votre colis est pris en charge par La Poste. Il...
Hello   on the new shop epauletnewyork there is something not logical:   if you go to Sale menu you got 7 different shoes (carmina, yuketin, epaulet, wolverine) Then goto footwear=>shoes and here no sale items appears same for the footwear=>boot menu Now just click footwear only and all the shoes appears +  2 sale shoes (the black patent leather), the 5 others are missing   For the others sale items type  it seems they not appears on the regular menu...
      a kilt mmmhhh maybe that ill be an issue, the shoes are like a mirror and usualy nothing is wear under a kilt, have you really think about this tiny detail ?  
  a little background sound to listen when your wears it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLKiMbC6s2k     Right now i am waiting for my Wolverine 100 miles boots, the packet is somewhere on "the matrix". For january a little chartreuse will be fine
Hello from Paris   I receive my Thorogood for Epaulet Horsehide No. 685 Boot         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXdQB-mR4tg   You all have a nice week end
Nice Vostok watch 
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