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I hate to beat the dead horse here, but it's just the more I research, the more conflicted I am about sizing.    The caveat is that I don't own any boots - I live in a warm climate. I wear mostly loafers, and some oxfords.    My foot is on the narrow side of average, but it's pretty close to average width.    I have a couple pairs of Carmina loafers in the Uetam last that are sized UK10, and fit very well.    I have a pair of Alden Leisure loafers in size 10.5 in...
 Rain would work for me. How are confirmations coming along? 
 Is it an MTO? Can we consider other, sleeker, lasts? 
People in the US who have ordered from Skoaktiebolaget in the past, what has been your experience in terms of shipping times? I ordered my first pair of shoes, Snuff Doeskin Carmina Loafers, and I'm very excited to receive them! 
I'd be in for a pair of those derbies, too.
 PM me that price, too, please. 
stunning... if they were only still available if they were only my size if they were only a totally bad ass color if i were only able to afford these 
Hi, What color is the Boss suit? I'm having a hard time distinguishing... Dark grey? Black?    It has a nailhead pattern? 
Pardon my "newbness", but where does Carmina stack up in the quality world? Are these goodyear welted? tia
Is this fully canvassed? Half?    What's the material of the lapels?    Thanks!
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