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  No........except Nordstrom, which I heard is trying to expand to Canada, but I don't know what's happening with that plan at the moment.......
    Whoops! Sorry for the confusion....when I said "morning suit", I didn't mean the actual morning suit (that has a tail). I used the term "morning suit" just because the cathedral event will be at 11:30 in the morning, which is when I will be wearing the suit.......hence the term "morning suit", albeit not an actual morning suit (which I don't even really like :P)
  As a matter of fact I already have a morning suit, made in the country where I will be getting married.....I know it's not the best looking suit either, but I believe it's better than the one that I showed in the very first post of this thread, which if the tailor screwed up, perhaps I'll wear the morning suit for the whole day...   My pants may seem a bit low, because I forgot to wear a belt in the pic.......   Thoughts guys? (These 2 are the only pics I have of the...
  Haha....yes I know I'm not that built....but I'm working on it! I recently lost 13 kilograms (I think around 30 lbs), so that's quite an achievement right?!   While in my current form I may never look like those guys in the examples, I think that had the tailor done a better job, my suit would've been a lot better though...!
  Thanks for the congrats Eric!   Most of you are Americans right? I guess most of your recommendations probably can't be found here in Canada?   I did go to Banana Republic today though....and I saw some nice Monogram suits, but I didn't really like any of the colours =/   If any of you can recommend some more stuff, that would be nice...!
  Yes I told her about the exact departure date, and she told me the would make my suit a priority and have it ready 2 to 3 days before, or even earlier =)
  Yes but she is aware of my departure date, and she told me that she should have it ready 2 to 3 days before, or possibly even earlier than that =).   Nice to meet you Chris!
  What's a "mysuit" store??   I still have a buffer.......my plan B is if she screwed it up, I'd probably get another one in the country where I'll be getting married. From the time that I land till the wedding, I have about 38 days, which I think, hopefully, is enough time!
  Not in a bedroom......but a meeting room, probably around 8 metres x 8 metres. The suit company owners are a bunch of really tall caucasians (almost 200 cm / 6'7") wearing surprisingly really good suits, especially the guy who's been taking care of my account. The HK based tailor though, is in fact not Chinese.   No they're not contactable via Hotmail or any of those free email services...they have their own domain name. Like I said before, they're very...
Hi guys, I met with the tailor already..... she put a lot of pins and showed me how everything will look like after the alteration... hopefully the whole thing can be rescued!! What colours would you suggest for the tie? And what about the pocket square? I already have a white one, but if you have better suggestions, please let me know . Some people seem to think that I sent the measurements online..... once again, I didn't (I would never do it). The tailor himself...
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