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I bought these shirts last summer for interviews and they have hung in the closet unworn.  $40 each or both for $70...PayPal only   Thanks for looking
Close...burgundy piccola   Thanks!
I just received two more ties...Bitter chocolate grossa (4 fold) and Flower silk - 35 (6 fold)     They join the small but growing family     I make no claim as to the color accuracy
So the heel of my Finch began to separate after owning for about 5 months...AE said no problem, send in and we'll fix.   Got them back and noticed that when they sanded the heel it looks like they slipped and gouged into the stitching.  I emailed pics to AE and they told me that it is just cosmetic.   Would you accept it and move on or try and have them fix it?            I think they should fix the shoe but I don't know if I am being...
Just ordered my 4th and 5th Hober ties...can't wait!   Just want to echo what others have said concerning David...he truly is a class act.  I had a problem with one tie during shipment and David went far beyond my expectations in correcting the issue.    Some pics of my first three...   Burgundy Piccola 4-fold, Macclesfield #83 6-fold   Macclesfield #135 6-fold       [[SPOILER]]   Don't know why some pics are larger...same dimensions??   Color balance is a bit...
A few pics that I had on my phone...              
I haven't fit in any of the 5 lasted shoes that I have tried on but I took a chance on the snuff suede neumoks during an Amazon sale and they fit me TTS. 
Happened to me over summer / fall when they had a good sale with additional 15% off with new credit card.  First they only started off with $500 credit and didn't give the CVV code on the temp. card.  I called customer service and they approved the purchase with 15% off my entire order...well over the $500 starting limit.  If you haven't ordered yet it's worth a shot.
Thanks...I may do that
Looking to pick up a couple OCBD's...mainly for under sweaters (w/wo tie) and with chinos.  I would like the cuffs and collars to look and feel soft with a good roll but not completely limp.   I pretty much know how I like dress shirts but I am completely lost with more casual button downs.   Would you recommend a specific collar length and spread or just stick with the default option?   How to specify cuff and collar...lightly lined and unfused?   Thanks,
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