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Thanks...I may do that
Looking to pick up a couple OCBD's...mainly for under sweaters (w/wo tie) and with chinos.  I would like the cuffs and collars to look and feel soft with a good roll but not completely limp.   I pretty much know how I like dress shirts but I am completely lost with more casual button downs.   Would you recommend a specific collar length and spread or just stick with the default option?   How to specify cuff and collar...lightly lined and unfused?   Thanks,
Thanks for the welcome...I wanted a coat primarily to wear to and from work in a business casual office. I don't wear suits to work so I wanted to keep it casual but nice. I was trying to go for something that would work with trousers, chinos or jeans.
I was looking for a winter coat that could work for business casual and also weekend wear.  I'm not a huge fan of peacoats but wanted something similar. I saw this coat as I was browsing the BB website and really liked the look.   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Wool-Country-Coat/ML00145,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00145_Color=BLCK&contentpos=61&cgid=0222   Based on the online fit-guide I bought a medium which just arrived on Friday.  Not having any experience in these...
I like walnut with navy...so anything darker is good to go
That sounds like a really good idea...I've never worn a bow tie but may in the future and I wont wear these as is. Which ones do you think would work the best as bows?Thanks for the idea!It would be nice to have a unique keepsake.
True!   Not planning on wearing...not my taste.  These are more my style:     Just really been enjoying this thread and this was the closest that I have to "thrifted" stuff...will contribute properly after my first thrift run (assuming I find something.)   I will either donate or hold for another 20 years until they come back into style
This thread has me intrigued...I may need to find some thrift shops and take a peek.  You guys are finding some sick stuff.   Not exactly thrifted...but gifted...pop retired and gave me bunch of ties.  Probably from late 80's thru early 2000's.  The first bunch was Zegna and BOC.  He still has a few more boxes of ties that he says I can have.    These aren't exactly my style...but they were free!    
My dad bought me the Byron and the Stockbridge a while back when I started my current career and I hadn't given shoes much thought since then.  This year I took an interest in looking nicer, found this site and began trying to upgrade my shoe collection.    Over the last few months I have been buying and trying on many different shoes trying to find the right fit.  Love the Strand, Rutledge and Delray but could not get a proper fit so I slipped an Alden in there!  My...
How does one determine the drop of a jacket?  Is it only by trying on?   Thanks
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