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Those Dundees look amazing!
They're seconds and you already got a steep discount. If you don't like them then send them back but I wouldn't consider this flaw bad for seconds based on the picture. It looks like a bit of edge dressing and polish would take care of that.
That is a go-ahead for sure!In my closet...one pair of shoe bags look just like the others
There was a nail sticking up about 1/4 inch through the insole in the middle of the heal area. I did not expect anything other than a remake...they contacted me and explained how they wanted to handle it.
I haven't been on SF for quite a while...easier on the wallet that way...but thought I would post up my recent AE experience. So I bought a pair of burgundy shell Leeds a while back during the free belt deal. When they arrived i noticed a flaw that made them unwearable. I got lazy and they sat in my closet for a few months until last week when i shipped them back for exchange. I missed a call on Friday from AE regarding these shoes and the message said please call to...
Fair enough...i was at work and went a bit overboard to make a point...which i still think is a valid one. That the majority of people on this thread have a much higher expectation of what a "first" quality shoe is compared to the "average" AE customer.Take that black captoe a few posts back...my thought is that if the average AE customer got that shoe in the mail he would say "damn thats a great looking shoe!" Those are the customers that AE's QC tolerance (or...
I understand where you are coming from but don't completely agree.1) Operations/QC and customer service are totally different departments. One can be "bad" and the other "good"2) If AE were to have their QC tolerances set at a range to meet SF member requirements...they would be a $1,000 shoe. They set the range for first quality to meet the "average" customer expectations and to be able to maintain the COGS.
Had a gift card...saw there was a sale at the shoebank...saw a brown dundee in my size and took a chance. I have never ordered seconds before so was a bit aprehensive. Just got them today and they look better than the burgandy firsts that i just returned. The flaws that i could see: one toe cap is a little bit dry and rough, the tops of both are a bit folded over, on both there is a small crease right above the welt. There may be more flaws but i didn't notice them. I...
I have four Merino V-neck sweaters from last year (medium) and they all fit well, small variation in size between the four, well within acceptable limits IMO.   I just picked up one of the Saxxon V-necks (medium) in the current sale and it is WAY bigger than my 4 Merinos.    I assume it's mismarked but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this with these sweaters.    
Selling a very gently used Sam Hober Burgundy Grenadine Piccola tie (GPT-3). Has been worn maybe 4-5 times and is in mint shape.    57 x 3.5 (4 fold standard construction) - $65 TYD   I am selling due to the tie being a bit too long for me.   Thanks for looking...
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