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 What welt and edge dressing...looks like natural?   How much was the up charge if you don't mind me asking, I am hoping to have a brown shell Bradley made soon.
Damn those nice!!
Gridiron today... Took a chance on these a while back when they were on clearance and they've turned out to be the most comfortable shoes I own. I tend to walk only on my heel/toe and the v-tread sole is holding up extremely will at the toe...probably as well as my Danite.
Finch in Tan Dublin I believe.Got them around 2012, wore them quite a bit and then put them in the closet for a couple of years. Recently took them down for some conditoning and realized I still like them so they're back in the rotation.
Finch Friday Thursday...I need to start planning these things better
That is exactly the issue with my Dundees, length and width are good but way too much volume. You can see in the pic above that they close all the way and the rolls are pretty deep.I have other shoes (older) on this last but the last few I've bought all have too much volume for my foot. About to send back 2 pair of shell Leeds with this problem.
Dundee Wednesday...the fit isn't great but got them on a seconds sale and could't find anything wrong with them.
Spent a few hours with some of my shoes this had been about a year or so.     Was just cruising the AE site and saw that the Shell Dundees are no more.  When did this happen?
Thanks!   That's the way I was leaning but just wanted to see if anyone had experience which would cause me to size up
Looking for some sizing info...   I have one pair of Alden, brown calf NST blucher (Barrie) in 11.5D and looking to add #8 LWB.  I was wondering if there is much difference in fit between these two styles on the same last.   The reason is that the NST is perfect on my left foot but a tiny bit short on my right, it isn't painful but still a hair short.   Trying to decide between 11.5D and 12D.   Thanks Gents!
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