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Thanks!   That's the way I was leaning but just wanted to see if anyone had experience which would cause me to size up
Looking for some sizing info...   I have one pair of Alden, brown calf NST blucher (Barrie) in 11.5D and looking to add #8 LWB.  I was wondering if there is much difference in fit between these two styles on the same last.   The reason is that the NST is perfect on my left foot but a tiny bit short on my right, it isn't painful but still a hair short.   Trying to decide between 11.5D and 12D.   Thanks Gents!
 Jazzmaster Viewmatic(H32515135)
Standard Date (SDV02003W0) I didn't wear this one much until I put the blue croc strap on it and then it was a much different watch for me.  Now it and the Stowa rotate between the blue, tan and brown straps.
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Extremely nice looking watch...that strap really sets it off!
Those Dundees look amazing!
They're seconds and you already got a steep discount. If you don't like them then send them back but I wouldn't consider this flaw bad for seconds based on the picture. It looks like a bit of edge dressing and polish would take care of that.
That is a go-ahead for sure!In my pair of shoe bags look just like the others
There was a nail sticking up about 1/4 inch through the insole in the middle of the heal area. I did not expect anything other than a remake...they contacted me and explained how they wanted to handle it.
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