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  A résumé builder as an image consultant or something to do when you want to act like you're working in the office.    Never heard of Manhunt. The post was meant to be humorous; I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.       Some interesting responses came in. Maybe I overdid the post a bit. I'm not looking to hire an image consultant. Primarily seeking some new ways to pair the things I own and possibly some advice on what to purchase next.    Best Regards, ~n
Hello styleforum members,              Looking for something fun, different, interesting? Help mentor a young gentleman. I’m quite light hearted and I’m sure this will be a fun relationship. I'm "youngish", mid-twenties and finishing up graduate school soon. I'd like to find someone active in the styleforum community to help me develop my style. I'm sure I'll end up in a "business casual" office environment  so suits are not the most practical (but I do aspire to...
  jesPak,     I'm no expert on the matter; however, it is my opinion that the fusing inside the collar has come loose and created that bubble. I do not think there is much that can be done about that.   Best Regards, ~n 
I'm still pretty new around here and looking for some advice/opinions about a Brown Sport Coat I recently acquired. I'm a college guy so no bespoke sport coats/suits...yet; however, I've read enough to know that fit is very important. I know I need the sleeves shortened and while my tailor is in there (the sleeve) I was thinking about putting some nicer buttons on it. I like the idea of making it a tiny bit less mass produced feeling.   Here are some of the buttons I...
Naveehgreen,             IMHO, I think these are a good style/quality/budget shoe: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/sperry+top-sider+men%27s+gold+cup+penny+loafer?prodId=258195&productRef=SEARCH   I'm in grad school so I relate to the difficulty of finding a shoe that "checks all the boxes." Feel free to ask if you have any questions as I have this shoe in a lighter color.   Best  
Hello all,    New member here and wanted some opinions on blazer buttons. I want some opinions on button size and these buttons in general. I feel like the buttons on the blazers I can afford look cheesy. I'm trying to make a nod toward the heritage of the blazer (gold and metal buttons) but a touch contemporary.  The sizes the button below comes in 14mm, 18mm 23mm, 28mm. I have a hard time visualizing these buttons, which sizes should I use? I was thinking two 18mm...
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