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Got my response from reddit
I found this Ermenegildo Zegna 9D last Sunday, but I'm not sure if they are real or fake. I paid $15.00   [[SPOILER]]
happy new years fellow fashion victim :)
Thank you so much, I thought they were fake. And yes I found the jeans in a North Bay Goodwill, it was priced higher than a Hickey Freeman suit which I didn't like. I Paid $24.99. I left 6 six pairs of Johnson & Murphy size 9, 2 pairs of Alden Indy boots for J Crew and couple of old AE. The J&M were in great shape rarely worn, but none of the shoes  fit me. 
Can someone please help identify this selvedge levis without a back tag.     [[SPOILER]]
I can't motivate myself to go to the gym regularly.
Please help me identify this pair of Levi's selvedge jeans, there is no tag in the back.     [[SPOILER]]
Is there any fashion show events in the city?
I dislike staying home watching a movie or a TV show, I get bored quickly. My only option is to either go out to meetup meeting, watching a live band or bar hooping. I don't do clubs in SF due to the fact the crowd is predominately from the same race. 
If I have a choice, I would move to San Diego, Austin or Santa Monica instead of L.A
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