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Anyone get an address confirmation for an August order?
Depends- I picked a couple from SlamJam when there was a code. Duties was around ~40 but still came under retailRL Friends and Family http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=46280926"MSALE14"
 MrP sale should be coming up too, no?
Has anyone received their August orders? I too e-mailed Charly and was told next month.
anything for Saint Laurent?
Man those CP's on sense are calling my name....How do CP's fit  if I'm a 42 in MMM (US10) Side note: Does anyone know when Mrporter sale start? I have credit I need to use.  
Because I figured it was the same item and that the charge was reflective of the value of the item coming in. If I was charged twice, then that would equate to double in value of the product? I'm also learning for the first time about customs... so I that's why I came here to ask for experienced advice.
I have the same question. I just got my duties bill for when my packaged first entered. Now, I wonder if I will get another because of my exchange. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Is the thecorner a US store? or will I have to pay duties?
I'm wondering the same. I just order a few sneakers from Italy and will have to exchange them.. but it costs nearly half the amount to return it back. What do you guys normally do?
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