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 Yeah I thought it might change the "rules" so what are they now then? Not strictly a rule that says no jackets but it is preferred we dont wear it as a way to promote a less formal culture within the workplace and to seem less intimidating and more approachable when clients are present. 
 Haha funny thing, my company dont want us wearing our jackets... changes thing a bit. Want to be presentable without baggy sleeves.
Hi fellas,   Firstly, Happy New Year. Also located in Sydney.   Need some advice regarding shirt sleeves. So I started my first office job about 6 months ago and obviously from my limited rotation of business shirts, it has been everyone (nearly) has given me more business shirts haha. Subtle family I have.   So I now have 3 MJ Bale shirts which due to my short ass arms don't fit properly, that is the cuffs cover 3/4 of my hand. I don't really want to return them and...
Thanks for the recommendations, any others people can recommend?. Just a final question is 6 days enough to make a few shirts?
I currently live in Sydney, Australia. Thanks for the recommendation for Ascot Chang, will research them more.
I made a thread about getting some tailored shirts and was directed to this thread.   Anyways I will be in Hong Kong in about a weeks time and I want to get some shirts made up since I struggle to find shirts off the rack which fit me nicely.   I am willing to spend ~HK$1000 per a shirt, which i assume will last and be good quality.   Since I am new to this I guess I am looking for advice to go about this since it is something I've never done before and...
Hello,   I am heading over to Hong Kong in a few weeks for 6 day and friend told me that I should look into getting some shirts made while I am over there since I've always tell him I struggle to find shirts that fit me off the rack.   Anyways this is my first time ever doing something like this and I guess I am looking for advice on what I should be looking out for and how to go about it.  If I can get shirts that fit me nicely, I honestly wont mind spending...
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