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First of all, thank you all for your help. I forgott to mention, im from Greece, so it's easier to buy from european shops!!
Thanks for the answer, but im not able to pay 300$ for shoes. I'm a student away from my hometown and it's a bit difficult to save money.
I  found these. Opinions?
Not a big range here. About 70-80$. Dont want to spend that much money. All monks are 150$ and up.   I've seen this pair, but dont know, i dont love them, i just like them.
Hi guys, i've bought some navy chinos and now i need some brown shoes to finish the look. I love monks, but they are out of my league... Any other alternatives?
My new skx007. Cant get anything better with its price...    
You are a boss!
Hi guys, this is my second post here! Thats my dads A6 that i drive somethimes!!!  
The Watchmen (Great movie, nice acting) SAFE with Jason Statham Badass movie too, loved it
Hi guys, just signed up! My name is Mike, im 18 from Greece! Trying to be stylish and not always in fashion! I just need money to do some changes   
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