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 Yes, a million times yes. I've been wanting a black TOJ Falcon fishtail for years.
I might also be interested in a size Medium in the same colorways. I have a suede T1 in gray (size 46/48) and a 20% off tres bien coupon up for trade too!     Please PM me! 
I'm dying here down in Santa Clara. Pretty sure we hit 97-98 F during the day.  I've also been looking for some nice outerwear to wear when I'm in NYC this Dec. Looking for a nice fishtail parka with a removable lining (so I can wear it in spring too). I'm in love with the TOJ fishtail. Too bad you can't buy it from them anymore or I would definitely order one.
S/T>  Suede T1 in gray  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   B> Black DR || Black/Olive/Pepper Fishtail
Looking for a black/olive/pepper fishtail in S/M.   Selling/trading suede T1 in gray.
Crotch shot bump
I heard from Chaly that my jacket is done and awaiting shipment. I ordered back in July last year. Can't. Wait.
where 2 kop goat? 
I bought an indigo chambray shirt and a blue oxford button down on Friday. They threw in a free cashmere scarf and a small Japanese hand towel which was great. I bought the size they recommended for me in store but I'm a bit worried the neck will be too tight after I wash it. 
Great guide!   I've been using those exact Buttero sneakers as my daily sneakers for around a year now and I love them. My only critique is that the leather squeaks quite a bit but that's probably my fault for not maintaining them properly.
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