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I might also be interested in a size Medium in the same colorways. I have a suede T1 in gray (size 46/48) and a 20% off tres bien coupon up for trade too!     Please PM me! 
I'm dying here down in Santa Clara. Pretty sure we hit 97-98 F during the day.  I've also been looking for some nice outerwear to wear when I'm in NYC this Dec. Looking for a nice fishtail parka with a removable lining (so I can wear it in spring too). I'm in love with the TOJ fishtail. Too bad you can't buy it from them anymore or I would definitely order one.
S/T>  Suede T1 in gray  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   B> Black DR || Black/Olive/Pepper Fishtail
Looking for a black/olive/pepper fishtail in S/M.   Selling/trading suede T1 in gray.
Crotch shot bump
I heard from Chaly that my jacket is done and awaiting shipment. I ordered back in July last year. Can't. Wait.
where 2 kop goat? 
I bought an indigo chambray shirt and a blue oxford button down on Friday. They threw in a free cashmere scarf and a small Japanese hand towel which was great. I bought the size they recommended for me in store but I'm a bit worried the neck will be too tight after I wash it. 
Great guide!   I've been using those exact Buttero sneakers as my daily sneakers for around a year now and I love them. My only critique is that the leather squeaks quite a bit but that's probably my fault for not maintaining them properly.
Shitty cellphone pic with bad color balance but my 702s are starting to turn electric blue. I'm pretty surprised actually. I haven't worn them that often and I've never washed them.  
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