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that belt looks nice. And again, thank you.   I honestly never took the idea of wearing a kimono seriously. I guess it's a bit different here as most the restaurants I go to, clothes are mostly westernized. But the sushi in your link looks delicious 
Dang, well this is a good learning experience. Thank you   a) Will return some shirts tomorrow.  c) Will drop the tie bar. If I have to bend forward (like reaching for items across a table) often at work, should I go for bow ties instead? d)What should a belt look like and where can I can one at a good price?   e) My body proportion is kind of dumb... I'm really skinny for my height which is good for competitions but not so good for, well, looking...
           That was exponentially more helpful than your previous post. Thank you for the recommendations~! But I think I'll hold out on suspenders and belts in the same outfit    Also, I don't know why they don't provide a uniform. All the waitstaff wears all black (shoes, shirts and pants).
So what's the difference between the different materials used for pants? It's so hot sometimes in California so what's the most breathable pants material that doesn't look cheap?
What are your thoughts on tie bars with skinny ties?
sigh, if only ANY of us could come close to the style of Mr. Chow    Great Happiness Space was a great movie btw.  
I'm decent, haha. I've never actually had to use any of my training in the restaurant. I guess that's one of the upsides of catering to rich people.
Do you guys have any suggestions for fairly priced trousers? Or if I was searching in a department store what brand I should keep an eye out for (or does it not matter for pants?)?
Wow guys, I didn't expect so many responses! Thank you so much, even the sarcastic posts were funny to read.   So to answer a few questions, most clients/customers that come in are upper middle class and are dressed in nice casual clothes during dinner and often business casual during lunch. I think since we're in Southern California, people are often dressed in more relaxed attire when going out to eat.   My manager told me to look good... no real details except...
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