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Ah, thanks.    And BTW, the suits/clothes that the ebay seller is selling are darker in person. Bought a navy pinstripe suit off him some months ago.   So it's missing 3 buttons, easy fix. Sadly a bit too big for me, but thought I'd give a heads up for someone looking though. Do we have any real PSA threads around here btw?  
Depends on the situation. I used to own a very small and slim fitting Hugo red label suit (I grew out of it)...guess what? It pulled chicks like nothing else in my wardrobe. Always got compliments on it.  These days I've gone more classic on the cuts, but yet fitting. No sack suits for me, ever...if you're athletic or on the skinny side, sack suits will look ridiculous on you. And to be honest, when you've worn skinnier suits for too long, even a normal "Classic" fit...
Says "Dolce & Gabbana" with "Made in Italy" on label inside jacket.     
Hi there.    I was thinking about buying a used D&G suit(just a fashion-forward party beater), and I've noticed that the measurements are small. very small.   42R suits with 18'' shoulders and 21'' chest? 46L suits with 19'' shoulders, etc.   Have anyone tried their slim fitting suits, how was the construction etc...worth 200 bucks used in excellent condition? 
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