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Ouch...hope your friend isn't a member of the forum  
The Cross & the Switchblade, anyone heard of it?  
I'm alive, and have been blessed with health, and it's a beautiful day out, and I have a beautiful family and....there are many things to be happy about today.  
I think the first post left out Pelle Line, a store that sells a lot of Alden, including some special order styles  
old thread but in case anyone else is looking for this info, Rider had it right, Pelle Line sells Alden. Even if they don't have them in their Miami store it's all available now online here :  
just caught "The Greatest Game Ever Played" story of golfer Francis Ouimet. Funny thing is, I've seen it, and for like 75% of the movie I'm like "where the heck is Will Smith". Idiot, he was in that Bagger Vance movie, has some similarities. Anyway loved the movie for the second time. Love when you can get an update on how the real world characters are doing at the end of a true story.  
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