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Add me to the list as well, please :)
How funny. I came here to post the same exact thing. Great minds think alike, I guess I ordered my first SS from the outlet. It was the navy Madison in 38R. I wear a 40R in Hickey, Polo custom, etc and was worried it would be too small. Nope! Perfect fit off the rack.Now I wish I had ordered more, but it would have been a risk given my uncertain sizing.Anyways, if anyone is looking to part with a Madison or Soho in 38R, please let me know!
Fair enough. That mental image does make me wince.Appreciate the honest feedback fellas, even if I disagree.
What do you guys think about this lamb skin Purple Label jacket I found on eBay? Any guesses as to its age and who made it ("made in Italy")?
No...   My favorite knot, personally is this one:     (ducks)
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