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 This makes me feel exited and scared at the same time. I know the fabric will come out good but the design I submitted may or may not be a good fit for the fabric...Basically I wanted some Asian flare so I opted for a mandarin collar and knot closures. Fingers crossed.
After receiving my linen shirts from Luxire, I am ready to go again anytime
So tempted to do this. It hurts!
  I added about 1-1.5 inches to my shirt measurements and my quilted jacket turned out to be a bit tight but still wearable, granted my Luxire shirts also fit me quite close. For peacoat, I'd try out some ready-made and compare the measurements with my shirts and go from there. I think Luxire usually give generous material in the seams so alteration later is possible.
 I think this is mine :)Highly recommended. Both the construction and material are very good. It's nice to wear when it's about ~32-40 F outside. It doesn't completely block all the wind so I would put in an extra layer for windy days.The sleeves on mine come a bit short but it's because I didn't add enough extra to my regular shirt measurements. I asked if there would be enough extra material to bring it to a tailor to fix this and Luxire told me there should be plenty. I...
My recent order was placed on May 16th and got delivered today. 2 weeks for a shirt is acceptable but I wouldn't want to wait longer than that.
My collar button popped out today. I've had this shirt since November last year and this is my first shirt from Luxire. I mainly wear it with my suit so I always buttons up the collar and wear a tie. My other Luxire shirts are doing fine but I don't use the collar buttons on those. I think the main reason is because buttoning the collar for this shirt take quite a bit of force. When buttoned though, I feel the collar fits me quite well, just the right amount of breathing...
You can sent the shirts to their office in NJ?
My first shirt from Luxire as well. The fabric definitely feels heavier and nicer than most of the RTW shirts I had before. It's used to be $59 btw. Not sure if an unline collar is appropriate for this type of fabric though. What kind of collar did you order?
Ouch, I thought about sending in my previous shirts after I've gotten the fit right. But $20/shirt, at this price point, is not very worth it. Still, I think their policy is rather fair and they already offer good products at reasonable prices. This is just the nature of online MTM atm, you need to think for yourself understanding what you're getting into. If you don't already have the knowledge and understanding then that's what the forum is for. Btw, found this on the...
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