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lowered the pricing
 Yes, Adam has been very great to work with. Thanks for the info on Shell variations in fit, helpful to know.
 I was thinking a 9E would work as well. Just wanted to see if anyone else had experience with this specific boot because the cordovan seems to create a different fit for trubalance boots
  I was measured on a brannock at  Leather Soul as 11 C 
Anyone have experience with the AF43 Cordovan trubalance boot? I've purchased a pair and tried a couple of sizes but can't figure out what to do.   I wear a 10.5 in most shoes/sneakers. I own the Indy boot in 9.5 C and they fit great. I've tried a 9.5 D Indy and it fits fine. I've also tried a friend's 10 D trubalance boot and it's much too roomy.   So I ordered the AF43 in 9.5 D assuming it would fit fine, but it was very tight on the top of forefoot especially, even...
It seems like most people get/recommend the same size in Barrie as the Trubalance last;   Is it uncommon that I wear a 9.5 in Trubalance and 10 in Barrie? 
 Thanks! Ya it's weird, I think have a long big toe or something that makes the Brannock measurement a bit off, so the width of the shoe matters more than the length for me sometimes.  That also explains why some Barrie shoes I tried on fit great in a 10 but the boots feel a bit tighter.
I had some sizing questions with regard to the AF43 Black Shell Cordovan High Lace Boot from Alden of Carmel. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the sizing is exactly the same as it is on the Indy Boot since they are the same last but the Indy has the top stitching?   Here is my sizing for reference: - I measure 11.5 C on a Brannock device. - Most tennis shoes I get in a 10.5. - I have the Indy Boot in Brown Chromexcel in a 9.5 C and this fits pretty well but I know...
Just got my Ultimate Indy's back from repair. They're about 1.5 years old and one of the commando heels fell off so I just had them both resoled since it was about time. Went to Willies Shoe Service in Los Angeles, they did a fantastic job.   
I bought this a while back but only wore it a couple of times, it's in mint condition. It's a dark charcoal color and a very tailored fit.   Size is Medium, fabric is 60% Angora and 40% Wool.   MEASUREMENTS Chest 21 Sweep 22 front length (from HPS) 37 Back length 36 Sleeve length 27 Center back sleeve length 34   Asking $180 including PayPal and Shipping   Ships from Los Angeles
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