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Any thoughts ?
Hi, im going to buy my first smoking what do you think about this suitsupply smoking   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/eveningwear_package/smoking-blue-plain/P4763.html?cgid=Eveningwear_Package       Or this        I im inclined for the blue one , what do you guys think,
Ok here is my glove colection :     - peccary and ostrish - carpincho     - carpincho - goat     - leather and cork - carpincho     - leather and crochet - peccary
Great fit Chulillo perfect and the jacket is great , brand?   here is a look from this weekend                Suit- Suitsupply Soho  Shirt - Mustra Tie - Tom Ford Pocket Square - Etro Belt - Crocodile Tombolini Boots - Balmoral Tallsem
Thanks , Chulillo .
Hi im thinking on buying a SOHO DB suit  my size is usually 50 but by the mesures and size advisor it recomends a 48 , what do you guys think ? 
To sell CARPINCHO  GLOVES  Size8.5  Unlined Madova purchased last year in Florence , my size is the 8 and this is 8.5 ,  95 dollares with shipping to europe.
 What do you think about men wearing cloth made of fur or with fur parts , do you think a men can wear a fox fur stole , and how would it look.
Hi im going to Paris in mid july and i know its the sale season , do you guys have any help you can offer what places might have good deals.   thanks.
Hi im going to Florence this summer and i would like to know if someone can tell me where i can find some good shoes in the price range of 150-300 euros , thanks.
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