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 Its great i bought my shawl tux in december and i alredy use it 5 times i love it.
hi have the blue i think it looks great  
You Sir are a Gentleman 
All SuitSupply -  tuxedo, shirt, bowtie, pocket square and shoes and  albertthurston suspenders .    
Is there any information about the DB Soho suits , i think its the best suit they have but they stoped selling it , do any of you have information if there are gone coming out with more Soho suits.
what do you think about this Pasotti.  
My first time in my new tuxedo a picture with my mom, suitsupply blue tuxedo          Tux: SMOKING BLUE PLAIN Suitsupply Shirt: Oficina mustra ( waiting to arrive WHITE SMOKING SHIRT suitsupply) Shoes : black patent leather lace-ups Suitsupply Braces: white suitsupply Bowtie: BLACK BOW TIE suitsupply Pocketsquare: white suitsupply Cummerbund: ( waiting to arrive black cummerbund Dielmar)
Any thoughts ?
Hi, im going to buy my first smoking what do you think about this suitsupply smoking   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/eveningwear_package/smoking-blue-plain/P4763.html?cgid=Eveningwear_Package       Or this        I im inclined for the blue one , what do you guys think,
Ok here is my glove colection :     - peccary and ostrish - carpincho     - carpincho - goat     - leather and cork - carpincho     - leather and crochet - peccary
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