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 What do you think about men wearing cloth made of fur or with fur parts , do you think a men can wear a fox fur stole , and how would it look.
Hi im going to Paris in mid july and i know its the sale season , do you guys have any help you can offer what places might have good deals.   thanks.
Hi im going to Florence this summer and i would like to know if someone can tell me where i can find some good shoes in the price range of 150-300 euros , thanks.
in the Mall outlet    http://www.themall.it/it/outlet-toscana/homepage.html
just to inform that a Tom Ford outlet as open in Florence
Hi im from Portugal also and my meseaures are exactly like yours if you want do buy online the size you should chose is 50 italian size that in some american sites is the 40 , but there a few stores here in portugal with good suits and other stuff , hoe much do you want to spend ?
Anyone ?
Hello im going to go to Paris and Florence for one week each is there some places that you guys know that i  can go for some thrifting and have the chance of finding nice stuff.
Portugal - Lisbon   - Oficina mustra   - Fashion Clinic   - Rosa e Teixeira
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