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i´d really love if they had that tuxedo model but in black
Ok thanks for the advice , i saw this on the net   do you guys have any other options that i can buy in Europe
What is the correct pocket square for black tie , i already have everyhing , even cummerbund , evening scarf and suspenders , but my pocket square is white cotton , what is the correct silk or linen , thanks.
I still can not do the checkout i´ve picked france as country i put the items in the cart but the moment i put my adress ( im in Portugal) the price reverts to normal instead of the the outlet price , how can you pay and sen it to your contry without the price revertin to normal.
Sign in first then switch your location and then you'll be able to,I just did it     it doesn t work how exactly do you do it.
how do you do the checkout i can access thru a proxy and i can put the items in the cart,  but when im going to pay it apears my contry the price is the normal one not the outlet one .
I bought mine a year ago and already have use it several times , Classical music concerts , Ballet and Opera its true im the only men in black tie but i don´t care i love wearing my tuxedo , this year im going to wear it also in the ocasions i told you before and in a vienna ball that is going to to happen in my town ( not Vienna ) .
Versace Black Pants size 34 - VCJ line - 40 euros + shipping
Versace dark purple Pants size 34 - VJC line -30 euros + shipping
Versace Brown Pants size 34 - 50 euros + shipping
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