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With silk knitted ties, good quality ones should have a kind of crisp feel.  Bit difficult to explain in writing but you'll know what I mean when you touch it!  
I agree with ironduke - go for an M-65 field jacket, a classic that can be dressed up or down.
Having read your post and understood that you don't wish to buy a new suit I'd say that if the dress code is black and white, then stick with that.  Perhaps add some colour with your socks, pocket square, watch strap etc.  If the dress code is semi-formal and no colours are specified, then you can choose a different colour tie as you see fit.
Looks good, suits the style of the jacket.  Agree with those who say the sleeves could be taken up slightly. 
Check out Tumblr for menswear inspiration, see what you like and then head to Uniqlo, Topman, Asos, Zara, H&M etc for affordable versions of what you see.  Classic knitwear items should last and tend not to go out of fashion - thick knit jumpers etc.  Invest in a classic pair of boots that will stay with you for years, same with overcoat.
First one looks good
Uniqlo have some great affordable ties at the moment
Generally I'd avoid this, and as other posters have pointed out the ones you pictured will not look great with a suit.  If you're set on this look, then go for the simplest shoe you can and preferrably in white.   And as pointed out above, you may well get a different reaction in the streetwear forum.   Dom
In Vegas you're probably looking to keep it casual.  Jeans and blazer is always a strong look, as long as everything fits well.  So for instance, do not wear baggy jeans.  Dark blue jeans and those chukkas with a white/blue/pink shirt will work very well.  Below are some further options to inspire you  
Here are a few options  
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