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Go khaki/beige.
 I'm happy to wear it for her sake, its actually not that bad.  I guess I'm just concerned that this is the first step to ending up one of those guys in a purple shirt and Florsheims.   Its not bad - I was looking at an Orient Bambino before my birthday. Nicer movement, love from WISers and $50 cheaper.    Its not bad, just that some others on the market are better.   
Q - what do you guys do when you receive a sartorial gift from a significant other that you don't really like?    I got a Daniel Wellington watch for my birthday from my GF. I love her to bits, but the watch doesn't satisfy my WIS tendencies.    What do? 
Unfortunately outerwear isn't cheap anymore due to our rubbish dollar.Sterlingwear is the supplier of the US navy and are the only company that sells coats in regular sizing (40, 42, 44 etc rather than M, L, XL).Vintage trends sells second hand US Navy peacoats if you're after something a bit cheaper. You can size up at Lawrance Ordinance (don't buy there though as they only sell in black and take forever to order things in). You could also try uniqlo.For military jackets...
They're usually treated with formaldehyde. They don't breathe as well as natural cotton and they can cause skin irritation. 
I have that effect on people.  I got a merino vneck sweater from Uniqlo for my birthday. Its a little baggy, hopefully it will come good after a hot wash.  Does anyone know a place that sells wool sweaters in closer sizes? (40, 42, 44 etc). 
Why did you break them? 
I missed that sorry.  An open laced shoe can be very formal, it can also be very casual. It really depends on the make of the shoe.  You can't always be the best dressed version you can be - money is clearly a factor. If you have a brown pair of oxford brogues I wouldn't sweat wearing it business casual with jeans or chinos and an OCBD. 
It's not like the world will explode because your shoes are closed lace.  
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