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The sucky thing about MJB shirts is that they have standard size sleeve lengths. TM Lewin would be my first pick.
I have a navy, a grey and a charcoal so I'm pretty sweet. Trying to push my friends into getting it though.
Btw guys - the MJ Bale sale is absolutely killer.
Question - When it comes to Australian suiting, whether M2M (P Johnson/Suit Shop) or OTR (MJB, Herringbone etc) which cut is used, the continental or the drape? And of the two (the continental or the drape), which is more practical in an Australian context? (Less expensive, not going to get you stared at, would fit the average urban Aussie better etc).
My theories: (1) the 'ex boyfriend' was actually the girl with a split personality (2) the girl is actually the ex-boyfriend (3) the girl is undergoing HRT (4) the girl is dead and sliq actually went on a date with the ex-boyfriend wearing her skin (5) the girl is a hermaphrodite cable of assuming both genders (6) the girl collects the skins of her ex-boyfriends and assumes their personality from time-to-time (7) one or more of the parties are Reptilians
It's OK, He's part of Team Australia.
I think they meant RTW in general.
Hey guys, where would you go for a classic, decent priced pea coat?
Brown suede.
Wait til next season?
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