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Anyone know if Warby Parker is coming to Australia? they're not too bad. 
 Absolute power corrupts absolutely.   I don't really agree. A pair of black RMWs with a suit looks infinitely better than 95% of what's out there. Actually, after a recent trip to the city I was surprised at how common it was. 
Wax polished RMWs don't seem right. I just give them a lick of conditioner once every few months.    In other news, I lost my prescription Aviators after diving under a wave at Palm Beach (in my defence, I'm blind without them).    I ordered a pair of Shuron Freeway frames as a replacement. I'll get them fitted with a G15 type lense. Hopefully they will take a heavier script than my Ray-Bans did:  
When I think of streetwear I think of tees and jeans more than the crap that comes out of SWD.    Sartorial happenings:    1. Received my 10.5UK Converse the other day. They are a great fit.    2. After stuffing around with the Legal Admission Board I made it to Capsule to swap my tan Filson for a green. Unfortunately, the wankers didn't mark the bag when they put it aside and ended up selling it that morning. Such a waste of a day... 
 I don't rate them sorry.   You didn't go with Tarjay? 
 RMWs if you can afford it. Overseas there is Saddleback Leather Co (email them and they'll reduce the shipping charges).   Still ugly as hell. Even his best efforts aren't as nice as Loake 1880. 
I went to a rally against the higher education changes at my uni. There were maybe 50 people.
We have it pretty good for OTR suiting too - Herringbone, Rhodes & Beckett and MJ Bale would compare to OTR brands anywhere IMO (whilst they occasionally have flops the same can be said about Suit Supply and all those brands that sound like an Italian pasta dish).
Wish they'd open in Sydney / make an online store / sell cheaper shoes like Loakes.
With P Johnson/Suit Shop you have everything you need suit wise.Shoes are always tough in Australia...
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