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Shirts start to smell under the pits. Seems to be why undershirts are so ubiquitous in the US of A: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/06/27/mans-guide-to-undershirts/
 I used a 'clinical sports protection'. It was okay, but in a full suit and tie on a 40+ day it didn't do much.  I tried a product called 'Driclor' as well. It did work to the point where I simply did not sweat. Problem was it caused a rash and profuse itching.  What I'm up against: - weighing 95kg (36" waist size though)- anti-depressants (SNRI)- full suit + tie- numerous fetch jobs - regional NSW weather
I am a prolific sweater. I've considered starting to wear undershirts to protect my work shirts. Catch 22 is it makes me hotter. 
Yay Labor!
I'd be so wary of the new CEO. Levis Australia charges triple the price what they do in the US with none of the key stock items (the 501 STF, westerns or trucker jackets).
Not sure but I'm considering picking up one myself. 
 I'm thinking of buying some Herring/Loakes next year if I can find a job.
Yeah, a little far even for a chauvinistic pig like me.
He's pretty uninspiring. Seems to be the way state politics is going though - our last land and environment minister was a childcare worker.I miss the Conversation. I unsubscribed last time Clementine Ford equated looking at nude pictures of celebrities with rape.
Jason,    Have you considered adding a pinterest function to your stock so that people can upload pictures?    I know it would be a lot of work for little gain, but isn't that what #menswear is all about?
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