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Go the comfort Craftsman - the rubber sole will last a lot longer. 99% of the people in the city will be wearing rubber soles anyway. My advice would be to go the yearling (my pic is the yearling). A lot of people here will probably say calf, but yearling is cheaper and a little more rugged. Most CBD types wear the yearling. Roo is nice, but probably a little too grainy to wear with a suit. Btw - make sure you buy online from somewhere like bootsonline - you'll save...
That's pretty much how everyone in my age bracket dresses. Meanwhile, all the girls aim to look like Velma from Scooby-Doo.
MJ Bale?
Everyone in Perth is going to assume they're RMWs anyway.
I never know quite how I to about days like 'R U OK?' Depression is rife in my family - my grandfather committed suicide when he was in his late 20s. I've been on anti-depressants since I was 8 and am fortunate to have a really good doctor and specialist behind me. Whilst it's good that people are more aware of mental illness, it tends to perpetuate the same stereotypes - 'think positive', that depression is situational rather than organic etc.
Don't be a dick.There's cotton and there's cotton - a 50 thread count shirt from JayJays is not equal to a 200 threat count Thomas Mason fabric.The starting point is though that it's not a polyester blend (where you will feel the heat).
 Of all the OTR fabrics poplin is probably the coolest (twill, herringbone and pinpoint are more 'winter weaves', broadcloth is almost exclusively M2M).  In answer to your other questions: a block or two, all of it, and that's just asking to get robbed.   I've read people on other forums doing this.  Over the years I've stopped using conditioner - its more difficult to wash out (which leads to dandruff) and makes my hair less fluffy and a bit more masculine (which is...
I tend to be in/out of buildings a lot with fetch jobs - getting something from the office and appearing in court with a suit and tie moments later. Not to mention a lot of firms being 'energy efficient' when it comes to airconditioning.'Paranoid' wouldn't be the best word, but I make sure I pick suits which are at least 100% wool and shirts which are 100% cotton.100-120 Australian merino wool with bemburg lining suits and poplin shirts has so far been my rule of thumb.
Thanks FXH. I tend to feel the heat and am paranoid about suit fabric.
So there would be no tangible difference in the performance of the lining? A lot of expensive brands refer to their lining as bemburg, whereas a lot of cheaper brands call it viscose.
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