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Q for the experts - when brands like Uniqlo talk about supima cotton does it mean anything? or is it one of those abused terms?
I found after I got a black and a chestnut I was sweet.    I picked up a pair of suede Kingsvales a year down the track. 
 Will it come in cordovan? 
 What shoes are they?
They'd go well with your bespoke overalls.
My latest delve into pedantry -  Thanks to a patient US optometrist I was able to try on a number of Shuron Revelations and ZYLs.  Turns out the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Opticals are for me, with the Shuron Revelations in runner up positions.  For anyone interested, neither the ZYLs or the Revelations will give you that classic Malcolm X look - the Revelations being too narrow and the ZYLs being too large in the glass.  If anyone's interested I'm selling a pair of Shuron...
What is a ventless jacket like to wear? I can't imagine it fits as well as a double vent.
I should probs grab my Barbour...
Hi, I'm building some green gunk on my Aviators which I'm guessing is either dead skin or light rust - does someone have any tips for how I can remove this without damaging the prescription lenses?
My misc news: (1) For anyone hunting invisible socks, check out Bonds No Show Sports Socks. Unlike other invisibles, the sock covers the top of the foot in a similar way to a crew sock in that the top of the foot is covered as opposed to just the base. (2) I recently bought an old leather Bausche & Lomb leather case off ebay. Where do you guys get your cases? (3) Speaking of sunglasses, I'm starting to build brass like mold on my aviator frames. Would anyone know how...
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