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So I bought a pair of Supergas this week as Converse / Vans don't sell in half sizes. I ordered the wrong size and will have to return them. No biggie. Out of curiosity, I had a browse of the US sites and apparently both Vans and Converse stock half sizes, they're just not sold on their websites, Asos, Hype, or Platypus. It makes me wonder - did these brands make an executive decision that Australian feet don't come in half sizes? Funny they can charge $200+ for some...
Does SS or OH do tweeds? for the price, you're probably better off getting something made up by them. 
Seems a little tight around the shoulders.
What was the original colour of the Clarks DBs? was it the sand suede or the beeswax? 
I've seen it IRL. It is very small.
   Do they come in half sizes?  My problem with Converse is that being a 10.5 I have to size up to an 11. The shoes are so long on me they curl up at the toes like clown shoes.   That guessing your size feel 
Apparently it's off white - it looks slightly aged.Sorry to be a serial pest - anyone know where I can get a pair of supergas on the cheap?
 With a blazer or odd jacket its fine, but once you combine it with a pair of jeans or Uniqlo chinos you look like you had to grab a business shirt because you ran out of casuals.   Not even like:  It's kinda like its been left in a draw for a couple of years, not that I'm big on Uniqlo OCBDs.  Still nowhere near as versatile as blue. 
Thought of the day - I dont think white OCBDs work. I should have gone with off-white.
 Never. All the middle aged lawyers whose wives dress them wear pink.   Know that feel  In other news: mum tried to take up my Uniqlo shorts without success.  Looks like I'll be sticking with Industrie on this one.
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