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A grenadine isn't conservative? 
I wouldn't mind knowing that either. Anyone who has both who can give their 10c?
Admittedly I don't think their an essential on the East Coast of Australia the diacotomy of the seasons is between pants weather and "too hot for pants" weather.I just go with a four seson fabric (110 super merino).They seem to have a special place in the British psyche - both Cameron and Miliband claim to shop there.
Guys I need some advice, I've ordered a pair of dark brown brogues from Kazuna. My concern is that the dark brown will be too dark to wear with anything besides a suit (I wouldn't mind trotting them out with odd jackets on occasion). This is the colour I ordered: It appears so dark it's almost black, but I'm not sure if that's the camera or the leather itself. This is a better...
I really like the Seiko SNA225 but it doesn't get much love. All the redditers see the Casio Edifice as the Speedmaster alternative.
I've got a pair of dark brown brogues on the way. I hope they turn out well.Next up - some black cap oxfords.
After the first 3-4 suits I wouldn't get anything, but maybe a navy pinstripe, navy double Brest, navy linen, mid grey flannel, subtle glen plaid or brown.
I find there's a level of diminishing returns.  For a lot of items, what an ordinary person would choose can be 'subbed' for a more mid tier option without any increase in price - e.g. instead of buying a suit at Myer shopping at MJ Bale, instead of getting a shirt from Country Road going to TM Lewin/Charles Tyrwhitt etc.  The only items I really think break this rule are shoes. Whereas the average Aussie bloke will spend $150-250 on a pair of kicks from Florsheims/Aquila...
Hornsby station public toilet is weirdo central - the stalls are just as frightening. 
They're great. Only downside is that their very slim and their fullest fit (the 'slim fit') only comes in a couple of models.  Does anyone know if its okay to spray suede with a disinfectant?  An Indian man at Hornsby peed on my chukkas at the urinal. 
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