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Basically. It's 12mm and I'm used to my 8mm Easy Reader.I was considering getting a Citizen Stiletto at 5mm but they make for a dull watch.
Bambino. I'm considering swapping it for a Capital though for something a bit thinner.
Take your dementia medication and help me with my watch conundrum!
Got a new watch   It's beautiful, but at 12mm I'm concerned how its going to fit under a shirt sleeve. 
I forgot you were old as well.  What should I do? 
This question is mostly for FXH and PoP but is open to the rest of you.    The metal on my old glasses has built up some rust and gunk - usually I wouldn't care but it's visible from the front:  
 Just go with Oscar Hunt or Suit Shop.  Both of them have been used lots by forum members (including myself) and have a good reputation amongst aussie #igents. 
Once you break $50~ you may as well get something M2M from Suit Shop or Oscar & Hunt for $150. 
Tell them they're dreaming.
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