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Anyone know some good reddit subforums? Trying to find some new ones. I've subscribed to: - coffee - IKEA - frugal malefashion - running - watches - malefashionadvice - Apple
Exactly. It's not like Samsung, HP etc are models of corporate responsibility.
I've never been able to justify a tux. Most events which are labelled 'black tie' really mean 'wear a suit' anyway.
If I had $600 to spend at Sunglasses Hut, I would buy either a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, Clubmasters or New Wayfarers, depending on what suited me.
Considering most 'stylish' guys in Australia would consider a black pea coat, a pair of Aquila double monks and a Fossil watch 'wardrobe essentials' I don't think a basic wardrobe recommendation is such a bad idea.    You have to learn to walk before you can run. 
More interested in their homewares really.
Muji opens in Sydney next week and I'm going to take a look. What products do you guys recommend? What should I check out?
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