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Sounds dodgy, I'd rather save my money and go with SS/PJT or OH.
I still think he's going to hell, but they might give him a deckchair and a drink with a little umbrella in it so he can enjoy the warmth.
RIP Malcolm Fraser.
I already ate mine
Summoning old man FXH to come out of his Valium induced coma to give us a write up on brown brogues ('brown oxfords with broguing', for the anal retentive) in the CBD.
I'd happily wear dark brown brogues with a suit.
Question for the thread - what articles of clothing do you think look good but don't necessarily look good on you?    I thought it would be interesting to see what works/don't work for some people and if there's any patterns.   Me:    - Wayfarers: they don't suit my face and I always end up looking like a tradie in servo sunnies - P3 style glasses: always too small - Sneakers: I can never find a pair that fit my wide hooves - slim fits: I can't fit into slim fit...
$10 more expensive but better looking.http://doublemonk.tumblr.com/image/52346120414
DM does shoe trees.
50 Shades of FXH.
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