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I always thought FXH and PoP were older than that.
 I'm of the opinion every man should have at least one pair of decent black cap oxfords.  Probably worth shelling out extra for the Aldwytch. 
Why not go MJB? The fabric is on par, the cut is nicer, and a decent suit can be had for $500.
 Thats such a Gen-X, pre-GFC, pre-IPA ascendancy view of the world. Everyone knows clean lines are the new black: 
 Overpriced, no canvas lining and blocky. The colour range is boring even by my standards.  You could do worse though. 
Btw I just bought a Seiko Sub
Tbh I've never done a mirror shine. I just give my shoes a lick of conditioner when they need it.
Any tips for cleaning wax and conditioner out of brogues?
I think they did that at a previous Commonwealth/Olympic Games.You'd think they could repeat it - it would save them a fortune on designers and outfits.Out of curiosity, how long would it take to train someone to make an M2M suit in comparison?
 Dunno him.  Did he appear on that Izzy Azalea album?
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