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They're great. Only downside is that their very slim and their fullest fit (the 'slim fit') only comes in a couple of models.  Does anyone know if its okay to spray suede with a disinfectant?  An Indian man at Hornsby peed on my chukkas at the urinal. 
Ordered some dark brown brogues from Kazuna yesterday. Really nice guy, I'm keen to see how they turn out.
Patch.I'll get my mum onto it.
If you're after a Redwing style boot I would get a pair of RM Williams Riggers in vesta. They're a very nice boot.
(1) Navy blazer - B grade fabric, half lined, half canvassed, MOP buttons $625(2) Light grey odd jacket - B grade fabric (linen/wool blend), fully lined, half canvassed, MOP buttons $675Very differently. Closer, less boxy fit.
Two. Love them. 
Hey guys I'm looking to get a DE shaving kit and some blades somewhere online. Can anyone recommend a good site? Preferably cheaper than MensBiz. Also, do any of you use DE razors or do you stay with cartridge?
I'm loving my Orient Bambino. I couldn't ever go back to a quartz.
Try the legal market - I was one of the six applicants interviewed for a family law job in Sydney that had 300 applicants. It ended up going to an established solicitor.My GF is having similar issues in media/marketing.
I don't like telling people what to do with their money but if I were you facing Sydney house prices I'd be saving for a house or putting together a small share portfolio."Save" your money and buy a pair of Loakes instead.
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