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FXH,    What is Blundstones' classic round toe boot? they have a few different makes. 
 Don't know if I like The Tunnel, its a little predictable.  Totes digging the Target umbrellas, though.  IKEA was selling some compact travel umbrellas a little while ago that looked nice - they seem to have disappeared.
MJ BaleWait for HC or you'll regret it. RMWs. GF's old man argyles.
Wasnt there a member on here who got a light grey jacket made at SS?
The uniqlo suits look pretty decent.
Brown it is. I will get brown (should Rob have it). 
 So which would you pick, old man?   I originally thought herringbone.  Problem is I'm a hot frog so any fabric I wear has to be light - e.g. cotton or super merino.   I'd probably get a reasonable amount of wear out of either.  I'll probably only grab one, just to break the monotony of the navy blazer. 
Hmm.But you're from the internet?
I can't decide between a light grey super or a dark brown cotton for my second jacket. People on the internet say go brown, but my friends IRL say light grey
 x2 Obviously not everyone can pull off RTW, but high quality wool and half canvas construction for $500 makes them a good deal. 
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