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FXH I want to have rob make them. I'm ordering 6 because I just want to drive a white Fiat 500 and chill out in khakis and a Brooks Brothers oxford shirt like your average American in Central Park. You know what I mean?
I ordered a lands end Hyde park OCBD. As usual collar was too small and it fit like a bag. Next week I'm going to get rob to make me some shirts - over playing reindeer games with the internet. Now - 6 pale blue OCBDs or 6 pale blue single pocket graziers?
Question for SF lawyers -    Is a specialist accreditation course (eg commercial law, local government and planning) worth the effort as a practicing lawyer? or does it really depend on what the course is?   btw, this is my evidence tute doing it tough over the Carbon Tax -    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/power-bill-furore-gains-strength/story-e6freuzi-1225852504106   He has a mean pair of Santa Fe's FWIW.
I plan on buying 6 LE OCBDs.
Least he wasn't as weak as Bill...
 Yeup. Family law is the new Workers Comp.
 Not mainstream enough.  No.   Hmm.  No plans to whack anyone for now.  My friend and I were discussing what the most depressing law firm would specialise in.  We went for Family Law, Wills and Estates and a touch of Conveyancing.  I was thinking some kind of funeral speciality for a touch of Gothic, which got me thinking about it. 
Various comments: 1. Michael Sy - fit the fuck in. 2. FXH - I know that the department of Births, Deaths and Marriages can make specific charges under the Cemetaries and Crematoria Act for regulatory violations by funeral parlors. I was wondering if this a specific area of speciality by some firms or if it's too small an area and is simply dealt with as it arises. 3. In 25 words or less, what did everyone make of Paul Keating's spitalfield tie? 4. Without chucking a...
Most men probably drop $200 on their shoes.    A Loake from Herring at $250-300 (minus VAT with a 10% discount) is probably a fair sell.    A $500-600 is out of the imagination of most men, no amount of convincing them that its 'quality' is going to get them to stretch their wallets that far.    This is from my general observations of other white collar blokes. Obviously SF members are a different kettle of fish. 
New Posts  All Forums: