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Does anyone else dislike lapel pins? Watching the news they're such a flogged horse. I can understand if you're a foreign minister at APEC but otherwise I think a plain lapel looks much nicer.
Nice, except for the double monks. I think a dark suit and black tie would be more appropriate today though.
Just got my Barbour Bristol today. Very happy, but I'll be in need of a suit bag.
The hat thing isn't working for you, guys. 
I hate that corrected grain 'no polish' line they do.
Re 501s   I'm a weightlifter and have big thighs. Pre-shrunk 501s fit me well around the thigh as it is (though not so great around the calves...)   I'm tempted to try the 501 STFs but am concerned they will shrink too much in the thigh regardless of the size I order.    Should I:   (1) Order some 501s STF in my true size as the thighs will remain the same once I wear them wet?  (2) Order some 501 STF +1 size so that there's some give in the thighs for when they...
Check this, Target AU is doing some decent lace up shoes:   Not a bad place to start if you're only after one pair of business shoes which don't require much looking after. 
There you go, I honestly didn't know you could get free shipping.Order AEs OP.
^^ Not only is it more expensive, but it doesn't include shipping from the US.    Good job. 
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