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Is that a troll?They have the shittest customer service on Earth.
I've thought about this myself. In a lot of brands it's easier to find a black suit than it is a charcoal. That said, charcoal is almost always more versatile.
I still wear a pair of chucks on occasion. That said, I prefer the support of a heeled shoe (read: boot).
Whatever happened to Superga? CP seem pricy for a pair of canvas shoes.
 Looks like you're about to be covered in cat hair :(  Btw - what kind of chukkas are they?
My RMWs all have rubber soles so there's no need to topy.
Just navy and grey really.
I had a look at the new MJ Bale catalogue - it's very 50 shades of navy. I get that their target audience is people who are just being introduced to suits, but even a mid grey or charcoal would be nice. Complete absence of odd jackets too (not that I'm into OTR blazers).
Plane people = bring them home Boat people = send them back
New Posts  All Forums: