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More interested in their homewares really.
Muji opens in Sydney next week and I'm going to take a look. What products do you guys recommend? What should I check out?
I think it would suit most people.  Only change I had to make was losing the tweed. 
 I remember having a copy of the Norton Anthology in my English major.  Shame you live in Mels Foxy or I'd give it to you.   Looking at your list you've got the basics right and the stuff your aiming to buy would make for good additions.  If you're wearing a suit everyday I would probably add a mid grey suit from MJ Bale, Suit Shop or PJT. Buy two pairs of trousers and you can wear one of them casually with your blazer.  I would probably add some ties as well - a black and...
What is a capsule wardrobe?
I've always been an Eliot fan. 
 I'd really disagree with that - it takes two sessions to pick up the slow lifts tops.  He needs something where he is adding weight to the bar quickly. It is easy to clear a 140/100/180 total in a matter of months.  Starting Strength is the benchmark program for beginners. PTC's Beginner Program isn't half bad as well.   My record is 210, though I did 200 in comp.   Stronglifts is just a bastardised version of Starting Strength.  WS4SB is also pretty crap (sorry)....
I'm with you on that one too. More of a casual watch though. 
I put on 20 moving from 75 to 95kg. Some of that was fat though, and some of it was finishing puberty. 10kg with a 180/140/220 total is a reasonable goal.
I would also go the Bambino. Absolutely stunning watch for the money.I'm not too fond of Seiko 5 dress watches - they're generally boring.Seagull make some beautiful watches but their movement isn't great.
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