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 Shame, its how a proper knot is done. 
 Foam.  You can always order them in the rubber and leather sole without the insole though (I have the rubber without the insoles, which I regret). 
I like the comfort craftsman. You really can't compare it to a pair of joggers as it's a rubber sole with a padded insole. I have a pair of the dynamic flex as well. I don't like them as much because the rubber pad on the sole gradually splits from the leather. Its sole also collects a lot of stones.
Even my Easy Reader?
Love the Timex. I have an easy reader though.
Thanks.I noticed also that there's an Australian Alpha Industries site but they don't have the slim fit version.
I'm a weedy little yes man. How am I meant to survive a weekend in Wagga with the shaved heads?M65. I love my mum.Just go with Alpha Industries?
Mum says I have to get an M65. Where can I get one that is classic/cheap?
This. They wear the RMWs when they do formal marches, functions etc.I always thought Redback did the combat boots in the past.
Saw that a few days ago.Sounds like some Sydney hipster with an inferiority complex.
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