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Cool story bro. 
Take them back that's a joke.
[[SPOILER]] had heard of or cared about and won it. Big deal.No one remembers it now or talks about the race.Who won it last year - who gives a fuck.A populist Prime Minister (is there any others sort these days) rode the media hype as they all do.Bond got 7 years in jail.You get less for murder.He, and his family, kept this millions smuggled offshore.Perhaps WA will have a state funeral. Fitting[/quote][/SPOILER]Total scumbag. Channel 7 / 9 are going on about how...
I have Uniqlo chinos. Currently waiting for them to re-stock khaki.
I'm thinking of getting some shoes that aren't RM Williams.
Target USA is amazing. You can buy some great pieces there. Target AU is okay but still needs to lift its menswear range, particularly its activewear (the womens lines are awesome). BTW - malefashionadvice on reddit sucks. Some of the fails I've seen in the last few days: - How can I wear sandals stylishly? (Overwhelmingly people gave advice that wasn't 'no') - I'm 20 something, can I wear a seersucker suit (everyone thought this was a great idea) - Should I wear short...
Advice please. I got the Orient Bambino. I really like the style of the watch (minus the curved glass) but am not sure about the size (12mm thick) being able to fit comfortably under my shirt sleeve. This being my first automatic, I'm not completely sold on the movement either. Tossing up returning it and getting the Capital which watch but 8mm thick with Quartz movement, but it really doesn't get the same love from the watch snobs and I'm wondering if I should...
It's only a couple of months old, unwashed and already looks terrible. I may as well just buy a new one.Merino.The cardigan I bought from them last year is still good though. Then again, it just sits in my draw.
My Uniqlo sweater is pilling terribly. I might get a new one from CR. Would navy hide pilling more than light grey? I'd like to get a few years out of it.
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