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Went to a funeral today.      MJ Bale  Henry Carter
Understatement or were you let down?
Again, he's a bigger guy, wearing a double breasted jacket, turned slightly diagonally. The fit isn't fret for him, but I'm sure as one of the Melbourne fitters he would be completely aware of this.I'm sure PJT can do a more conservative fit (they did for my blazer), but they're not going to be the ones you see on Instagram as worn by 20 something graphic designers.
To be fair Porter is a bigger guy. No suit is going to turn him into Michael Angelo's David.
Pretty sure it's just the toe shape, they're both listed as 'flat heel' on bootsonline.I prefer the chisel to the narrow medium toe, especially in a wide fit.
As a conversation starter, what is everyone's best fitting/most comfortable pair of shoes? After fracturing a small bone in my foot I phased out all the sneakers and desert boots in my wardrobe. I now have 3 pairs of RMWs (black, brown and suede kingsvales) and a pair of Asics Keyano 21s I had fitted by a podiatrist.
I would contact them and tell them, that isn't right.
Where's my lenyard?
I know that feeling. When I move out I'll probably get a studio monitor for my computer so I can hear the bass (as opposed to bass) on old Rush tracks.Need to sort out something so I can listen to Radio National in the shower too.
GF as in Anthony or?
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