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Any tips for getting a pen mark off a tie?
My umbrella from Muji is pretty solid.
Those are some ugly shoes.
Now that HC is gone I'm just buying from TM Lewin. I'd go Kent Wang but our dollar blows.
I'm trying to find some vintage jewellery for my girlfriend's birthday. Can anyone suggest a good online shop / store in Sydney?
Turn up your BBQ as high as it goes and hold it over the flames. You want it so that the pants are almost touching grill. Sounds crazy, but it works for me every time.
MJ Bale has long and short sizes.$200+ extra for a suit you've never tried on?
^^ you could get something of similar quality from MJ Bale for under $500. I get that this is SF though, and if something is easily accessible then it must not be good.
New Posts  All Forums: