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What are you, a professional ribbon cutter? Just get a pair of black oxford cap toes. You should already have one.
1. Eddie Maguire's comment was disgusting. Our media should be held to a higher standard. 2. Steve Price is a wanker.
Can anyone recommend a good crime show? I've already seen the following: - Midsomer Murders - Wallander - Dalziel and Pascoe - Vera - The Bridge
I used to get sweat stains on my shirts really badly. I've found that using less deodorant stops them going yellow as quickly.
I had an olive one. Make sure you get the slim fit model.
Anyone keen on two of Jason's knits? Unworn. $75 for both.
Is there a tl;dr version of this?
Shoes sold. Next up, 2 x navy and black Henry Carter knits. Unworn. $75 for both.
I only like black and brown shoes. Burgundy doesn't take well to calf and cordovan looks plasticy.
See my sig for some shoes I'm selling.
New Posts  All Forums: