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 With a blazer or odd jacket its fine, but once you combine it with a pair of jeans or Uniqlo chinos you look like you had to grab a business shirt because you ran out of casuals.   Not even like:  It's kinda like its been left in a draw for a couple of years, not that I'm big on Uniqlo OCBDs.  Still nowhere near as versatile as blue. 
Thought of the day - I dont think white OCBDs work. I should have gone with off-white.
 Never. All the middle aged lawyers whose wives dress them wear pink.   Know that feel  In other news: mum tried to take up my Uniqlo shorts without success.  Looks like I'll be sticking with Industrie on this one.
How likely is this going to happen?  [[SPOILER]]
After I find a job I'll probably order some M2M business shirts from SS (x5 white, x1 pale blue). When our dollar recovers I'll slowly replace my 3 shoe wardrobe with Herring stuff. And fingers crossed Jason will sell a red grenadine this year in a fina weave.
Until they can perform some functionality that my phone can't I think I'll stay with my iPhone. The Apple iWatch looks butt ugly sadly.
You should pack the following:1. x4 plain tees (white, marle grey)2. x4 OCBDs (blue, off white)3. Blue jeans4. Chinos5. x2 chino shorts (khaki, brown)6. x6 undies7. x6 socks8. Thongs9. Sneakers10. Chukka boots11. Belt12. Board shorts13. x2 workout shirts14. x2 workout shorts15. Carry-on bag16. Wallet/passport17. Notepad18. Pens19. Sunglasses20. Mobile21. Laptop22. Digital camera23. Tripod24. Universal adaptor25. Toiletries
 I feel those shoes cover all bases.  Black cap oxfords and dark brown brogues can be worn CBD.  The brown brogues can be worn with casual suits and odd jackets, and suede chukkas from casual suits and odd jackets all the way down to jeans and a tee.  Penny loafers are nice but chukkas can go most places a penny loafer can go, and an extra pair of brown oxfords isn't necessary.  My 10c anyway. 
Sydney siders - Does anyone know an optometrist that does same day lenses? Spec Savers has to send them away for 2-3 weeks to have them made up and fitted off-site. I wouldn't mind having them made off-site, so long as they could fit them to my frames without them having to go away for a couple of weeks.
Admittedly they have more fireworks than you.  Next up, Australia Day. I love how much junk Woolworths/Coles/Hot Dollar can come out with with an Australian flag on it. 
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