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I'd see if Kazuna can get you something made up at a similar price.
Real man's shoes = black capped oxfords or a boring brown brogue.
I think they sell RMWs in Canberra.
I would personally go to Suit Shop for my shirts considering they're $150.
In the microcosm that is the District Court there are a lot of well dressed people. I see M2M and goodyear welted shoes daily. The Datejust seems to have a special status amongst barristers and partners. Even the badly dressed manage something well fitting from Myer.Sydney CBD isn't too bad generally. A lot of chinos, dress pants and patterned shirts. Sure the shoes aren't going to score them any points with #igents but as they can't buy what's not available they're not...
Admittedly there are a lot of well dressed people at the law firms in the CBD, especially the defendant firms.
Question - is it more expensive to get watches like Orient and Seiko serviced than Swiss watches?
Not as good in the slimmer sizes. Most of their models are easy iron these days.
To clarify can you still buy Herrings made by Loake?
I wear my RMWs all year round. I tried a pair of brogues but they were nowhere near as comfortable. So yeah, black RMWs craftsman in the summer. It puts me miles ahead of all the Florsheim and Ecco wearers.
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