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After a full year of wearing my Timex Easy Reader I decided it was too small and child like to wear CBD, and so I required a new watch.    Initially, I was searching for a budget 'one watch to rule them all' but realised that was an impossibility.    Being a junior lawyer who wears a suit 5 days a week I settled on an Orient Bambino. Can't wait for it to arrive. 
It's a standard fit M65, maybe sized up to fit over a jacket. Looks too #igent though. If I wanted to keep warm on the east coast I'd probably just wear a cardigan and a scarf.
I would go the Loake Buckingham / Herring Richmond in dark brown. RMWs are a great boot FWIW - definitely on par with Loake 1880.
Dreaming of a dark red grenadine fina to wear at Labor party meetings 
Does anyone know the difference between the Simpson boot and the Kingsvale?
 Synthetic running shirt and 5" running shorts with side pockets.  H&M and Uniqlos Airism lines are amazing, but they sell jack shit out here.  Lulu Lemon is nice, expensive though. 
 What the?!This is a bit off topic but does anyone know where to get some cheap, basic running clothes?  I'm moving from weightlifting into running - I'd like to do the City to Surf, the Bridge Run and the Colour Run later this year.  I know you're not supposed to care about what you run in but it would give me some confidence not to look like a complete doofus.  Nike is too expensive/has no variety. Uniqlo and H&M really lack options compared to what they have overseas. 
 The Linen Cotton Jacket has a linen/cotton shell, though the lining is polyester. Its hard to avoid at this price range.  Its currently out of stock online (its usually sold in the summer) but they may still have it in store.  TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt might be worth a look too.   I think people are harsh on mafoofan. He is obsessive with clothes, but in that way he is the forum zeitgeist (hence why he is a meme).  Like Manton, much of his humour is self-deprecating...
 Don't touch. I used to have one - blocky fit like an Anthony Squire, wool/poly mix and fused to hell.  Better to stick with MJ Bale/Herringbone/Rhodes & Beckett. Though there's a price gap and Target is much more accessible, my experience is that the shoulders of the Uniqlo jackets are much nicer. 
I would try the linen/cotton blend blazer from Uniqlo if you're looking for a blazer on the cheap. If you have the money though consider something M2M from SS or OH.
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