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Just get a Barbour. With your age everyone will assume you're an extra on Doc Martin.
How do CR's merino sweaters hold up?
Uniqlo sweaters pill badly after a year.
Besides Shuron and Moscot what are some other good trad eyewear brands to check out? (Not including Bailey Nelson, Warby Parker etc).
Yeah definitely me.
Do I want these? The only downside I can see is that they're 1/16th of a Rolex.
Just topy the fuckers.
True. I know my 'size'. Sometimes glasses don't suit my face whether they fit me or not.His wife bought him a green Hermes breast wallet - he's not doing too badly.
I bought a pair of Shuron Freeways today. I plan to turn them into sunglasses: Taking a stab in the dark as to fit unfortunately.
Not a fan of flannel. In Sydney you're lucky if it's cool enough to wear long pants.
New Posts  All Forums: