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Thanks Malcolm. 
Q for those living out of home -    How do you rate IKEA: cutlery, glassware, dinnerware and cookware?    I expect to move out in the coming months and am looking to put a bachelor set up together.    I prefer IKEA's designs over stuff like Maxwell Williams, but I've heard their dinnerware chips / wears thin.  Experiences?
Without sounding like a massive hipster MS, you would get a much more authentic European experience if you organised it yourself. 
Next they'll be doing an article on mason jars in cafes.
^^ Nor I. Uncuffed pants look tidier.
 Crazy I know!  As someone who legitimately does have big legs I fit MJ Bale pants just fine.  You could also try TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt. 
Gross even by my standards - next you'll be looking at stingray Tony Lamas.  Gotta say, I'm losing interest in my RMWs. The only thing that keeps me from buying some Loake cap-toes is our dollar.  In terms of bespoke and M2M, doesn't it really depend on the brand? a bespoke suit might be more intricate than M2M, but a lot of M2M brands like P Johnson and OH make the style of suit that igents dig / will get you snapped at Pitti.
Speaking of RMWs, what's the Homebush factory outlet like? I'm considering making the pilgrimage.
If Deer Style is close why not go with them? They make nice suits and it seems like a lot less effort than travelling to Sydney.
Do you listen to the new Double J much? It's basically Triple J for old geezers.
New Posts  All Forums: