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Anyone knows this is repairable? The shoe is wearing where my little toe is.
I'll be selling it and some shoes in the coming days.
I paid $345 from an Australian retailer a year and a bit ago, unfortunately the size is too small for anything over a night or so.Couldn't find an Aus retailer with a medium size, even internationally they're low on stock.
Bought a Filson medium duffle. Cost me $510. Stupid AUD.
Why not?
I don't have an Aeropress but I've had a lot of luck with a French press. Cheap to start too, get a French press from IKEA ($10) and a Porlex hand grinder ($70) and you're sweet.
Text me.
Herring is pretty solid around $75.I'm looking at selling mine. Black and dark brown. Size 38 both barely worn.
Did they go up in price?I checked their FAQ and the prices that were briefly there are gone.
$50-100 AUD with a preference for the former.
New Posts  All Forums: