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I ended up buying four white poplin shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. Collars will be a let down, but unfortunately MJ Bale's range of slim fit shirts is limited these days.
I like the belts from Herring. Still under $100 but not the bargain they once were.
Anyone know where I cb order a cheap yet stylish shoe horn?
^^ That's them.
    I thought I would mention the brogues I bought from Kazuna which I picked up last Friday.    After previous attempts to purchase shoes online (always a guess in terms of sizing) I thought I would try a pair of M2M shoes from Kazuna.    I won't go into the details of the M2M process, only that there were dozens of different leathers and designs to choose from.    I chose a dark brown calf wingtip brogue. The pictures don't really do it justice. It is a real...
Yeah I still don't see it.
They're nice. I don't see whats in them though that you couldn't get with a pair of pants from PJT. 
Something I never understand on Reddit is Americans buying goodyear welted shoes online.    Here, I can understand as there are really no options for bricks and mortar (recently changing with Double Monk and Kazuna).    But when you have AE and Alden at your doorstep? Why order Meermins, Carminas etc and take such a gamble on the fit? 
 Things are tough when you have to print your own vintage ties.   Speaking of, I just bought x3 MJ Bale 'Murray' shirts. Their slim fit range is really starting to disappear.  I hope you guys are right about pinpoint fabric because that'll be all I have come summer.   Versus?  Edit: Born in 1990, I'm very familiar with it to the point where I had to read your post a couple of times to get what you were on about. 
Can I get an FXH seal of approval? 
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