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I reckon a really light grey could work.
Will do.I went with light grey - the fabric was a bit suit looking but hopefully with 6mm stitching, patch pockets and mop buttons it should go okay.You say that but I know it is my personal hygiene that's the issue
We should have done a road trip - I'm getting a jacket tomorrow.
Without having the glasses on me, I'm lost.
Spoke to George Skoufis today. Apparently glasses are like shoes - you need to try them on to get them right. I might take a gamble and buy them online - 90% sure I'll be a 52 lens with a 22 bridge - not sure if the temple will be a 145 or 150 though.
I often think, if there was one suit I'd want to get RTW it would be a tux. That way it would fit for a while as I got older and fatter
I would love a tux (black, peak lapels w/ a Marcella shirt w/ turndown collar). Don't have enough occasions to wear one though
 A complete wanker as well.
  That is a really good write-up, compliments. Edit: my only whinge is the Loake 1880s and the Herring classics will come in at $300AUD, plus most people manage to find a 10-20% discount. 
FXH,    What is Blundstones' classic round toe boot? they have a few different makes. 
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