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Does "black shoes" still include wingtip brogues, perforated captoes etc or is it strictly black cap oxfords?Saddleback. If you email them they'll reduce shipping.
Kayanos are a running/athletic shoe, they're not a 'sneaker' in the same sense as a pair of chucks, vans, CPs etc.
I agree, and at very least don't pay over $100 for them.
^^ What about some Sperrys?
Anyone know where you can get a tie trimmed in Sydney on the cheap?
Time to do my annual wardrobe review:   Business wear - Navy suit (MJB) - Grey suit (MJB) - Charcoal suit (MJB) - Ties (TM Lewin/HC) - Shirts (white + blue) (CT) - Black Craftsman (RMWs)   Business Casual - Blazer (SS) - OCBDs (blue + white) (SS) - Merino v-neck sweater (navy) (Uniqlo) - Brown Craftsman (RMWs) - Suede chukkas (RMWs)   Casual - Barbour Bristol (olive) - Crewneck sweater (grey) (Uniqlo) - Tees (white + grey) (Uniqlo) - Blue...
My apologies. I was referring to the latter pair. The former, which I have not seen, may very well be from overseas.
PoP, I don't think the jodhpurs are made overseas. They've been running the line for a while now.
Where do you guys get your suit hangers from? Recently I broke one of my MJ Bale ones. Everything I've seen online is poorly designed - either no felt bar or the hanger is ridiculously skinny.
Those are Gerrys. I've been suggesting he get a pair of Ugg boots but he won't listen.
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