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Those are Gerrys. I've been suggesting he get a pair of Ugg boots but he won't listen.
Nobody can afford them.
I lol'ed when they decided who the Minister was less than a week prior to the Census.
My RMWs have a small hole in the side where my little toe is. I think it's because when the sole was redone they put it on a wide for last and that my foot movement has caused it to wear. I'm tossing up whether to get a pair of Baxters or pay the extra $150 and get another pair of RMWs. They're the same shoe really but RMWs is pretty iconic.
Why?Life is expensive and I wear casual clothing 2 days a week. I don't care if a Japanese hipster made my jeans.
Uniqlo denim 👌🏻
I'm looking for a merino v-neck sweater that's better quality than Uniqlo but still under $150. Can anyone recommend anything?
Sounds like everyday for you.
My parents are teachers (not assistant principals, admittedly).
That would be:- White poly/cotton shirt (Lowes)- Lavender or fuscia picked by the wife (probably Lowes)- Black or black pinstriped pants (Lowes)- Black lace-up dress shoes with square toe (Hush Puppies)- Oversized sports watch picked by the wife (Citizen)
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