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 Meanwhile Gerry Harvey and co will be whinging because they can't purchase air conditioners overseas to hock off at enormous 'interest free' prices...
 A few reasons:(1) Im pretty good for suits right now - I have a navy, a grey and a charcoal and am very happy with all 3.(2) I realistically can't afford a full SS suit until I've found a solid paying grad job, and even then, its money that could go on a weekend away, bills, a better car or a mortgage. (3) I find that I have to get an odd jacket made up in order to get it to look like an odd jacket - some of the MBJ/OTR odd jackets look like an orphaned suit jacket on...
I just looked up Paul Smith then - never really noticed them.    Reading back on this forum, Herringbone was always the gold standard until MJ Bale, PJT and SS came around. 
 I always thought they went for about $700-1K.  If MJB weren't around I'd probably be stuck with something like Flair/Studio Italia. 
 What's with all your MJB hate?  They are literally heads and shoulders above all the other Australian retailers with a full wool suit for $500~ I couldn't care whats in their ads - its better than being left to Herringbone and the like.
I like a contemporary utilitarian.I think I'll go the Schott, thanks
 Even in navy?  Arguments for: - Its the 'real mccoy'- its a 6 button  Arguments against:- it appears bulky in comparison to the Schott
 Old man:(1) Get on ebay(2) Purchase a pair of Levis 505s in rinse or indigo for 2/3rds Aus price including postage(3) Get them, put them on(4) Drive your postie bike to your Vietnam vets night at your local bowlo(5) ???(5) Profit  --- In terms of a Pea Coat do I want to get this:  Schott http://www.schottnyc.com/products/24-oz-slim-fit-fashion.htm?catID=19&color=14 or  Sterlingwearhttp://www.sterlingwear.com/cart/index.php?p=product&id=10&parent=1
Anyone watching the 'Carlos the Jackal' series on ABC2? It's pretty good.
That's pretty much exactly how military spec A-2s are supposed to look.Only ToJ and Real McCoys are noticeably slimmer.Personally, I like the Reagan era G-1s.---Speaking of fits, I've decided I'm going to return my Alpha Industries pea coat - it's too short and blocky.Does anyone know if Lawrance Ordnance in Sydney still stocks Sterlingwear?Also, what's Deus Ex Machina's selection of Schott pea coats like?I'll have:- a red fina grenadine- a light grey cashmere scarf...
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