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The crown on my Orient Bambino has come loose and is stopping the day function from working. Can this repair be done at an ordinary watch repair shop? Is it an expensive repair?
Problem is they don't make many slim fits anymore.Currently the only white one has a runty collar.Thanks, I can't be bothered playing guess and check with a Japanese retailer. Id rather fork out for M2M.Thanks, I'll give it a go. I might try an extra slim.The only plain white slim fit poplin TM Lewin does is 'easy iron' which makes me itch.I probably need to suck it up and go to Suit Shop if I'm going to be this fussy.My ideal shirt would be:- Classic collar- White or pale...
I bought some Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. Being in desperate need of work shirts I stupidly washed them before trying them on. The fabric isn't as nice as MJ Bale and the "slim fit" is quite baggy. The shirt cuffs are very loose so I feel like Bugsy Malone. I'll get mum onto that one. In hindsight I should have gone an extra slim fit, or just have tolarated MJ Bale.
MJ BaleHerringboneCountry RoadPlus there's all the online stores you can make use of (Henry Carter, TM Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt etc)
I think it really depends on the person as to whether you can get away with wearing a dress watch casually. As a pencil necked geek / lawyer, wearing my Orient Bambino with a tshirt and jeans doesn't look out of place. That said, for flexibility divers like the Orient Mako or Seiko 007 really win out.
Leave Barnsey out of this!
I'd get the Grand Duke strap in dark brown. Dark brown is very versatile.
This is a question for FXH - Often you say that wearing a suit jacket whilst driving is bad for it. Why is this? Is this the same when sitting in other places? (Eg an office chair?) and can it be remedied by unbuttoning the suit?
Tell them they're dreaming.
And their purple line? I'll probably keep supporting MJ Bale. I wish they would do more conservative slim fit shirts but apparently my request is in the minority.
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