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Why not get some RMWs? I'd probably go Red Wings over them too.
I don't know what your problem is with indigo jeans - the original Levis work jeans came in indigo. Black is for Peter Andre fans.His belt is pimp too - RM Williams 1.5" 3 piece solid hide belt if I'm correct.
I do?
That shirt =
I like groupthink, it makes me feel more comfortable about my decisions. Often when I'm searching for a product I'll just buy whatever the best seller is. Individual discretion makes me uneasy, I like to let the market decide.
Unless you absolutely kill the fit it can look very WWII play.
Wurger, Next time check out Real McCoy. They have a noticeably slimmer fit than most jackets, especially in the lower price ranges.
My junk box is perpetually filled with adds for penis enlargement pills.
Pics or it didn't happen.
I hate that site.I haven't read it since they did the article about adding a 'H' to 'LGBTI' in order to recognize the Indian Hijra.
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