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 You seriously got me 
 1. By the very fact I'm posting here I'm obviously not some blundies wearing tradie breaking open cans of Campbells chunky with my front teeth. At the same time, I'm not going to indulge crap like East coast Australians wearing 16oz flannel for that 'ultimate drape' or designers like Yamamoto rehashing costumes from the movie Fifth Element.  2. Everyone has blue jeans. Wearing them with a navy blazer (remembering that according to SF, navy blazers can't be single breasted...
Seems like Carminas are the flavor of the month.Black jeans are for emos, grey is for people who didn't get the memo the 90s are over.Best jeans are rinse like the original levis, and maybe stonewash.I've seen the jeans with a blazer done a bit. It works:
 No homo? Edit: (Maybe homo...)
What do we all think of Prince Williams Aussie get up?    - Well fitted blazer - White OCBD - Stonewash jeans (or potentially light blue chinos) - Brown suede chukkas     I'll get raged at for saying this but its a very 'aussie' look. 
 Along with our tragic national anthem making our national colours green and gold was the dumbest thing the Hawke government ever did.  Apparently the Wallabies used to wear sky blue and white. Far more tasteful. 
From memory aren't you heaps buff?(Maybe homo)
All I see is anti-social behaviour.
 Everyone filmed has had upwards of 10 drinks.  The entire night has consisted of white boys in bucket hats and a bunch of girls whose hair looks like a toilet brush accusing everyone of "harassment" What a disgusting culture.
FA - you live in Sydney right, are you sure you want flannel?    You're a pretty big dude and with East Coast winters you're lucky enough to wear long pants.    I'd stick to a 4 season fabric personally.    Did anyone watch that 'Lights Out in the Cross' doco? I'm embarrassed for my generation.
New Posts  All Forums: