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Why same day?
I'm guessing you don't touch the Tokyo fit?
Unfortunately he bought it for me over a year ago and the receipt has long since gone missing. I've considered selling it second hand but I am unsure how successful that would be.Could I please have some advise on purchasing OCBDs?Previously I've bought them from Suit Shop but have been less than impressed with my latest order.I'm looking at purchasing from:1. KamakuraI'm a bulkier guy. Any suggestions as to what fit to purchase?2. Brooks BrothersI'm certain I would be an...
My dad bought me a Dyson fan. It is very loud and has nowhere near the output of a $50 pedestal fan.It does look cool though.
Sat on one once it was heaven.It's currently at her dad's office so I'll have to pick it up after Xmas. Hopefully it's the right size.Given that my office chair at work is a POS I'll probably swap it for mine (that said, I'm looking to jump ship again). got a HM Aeron though (1/5th of my life goals complete).
Land's End would suit your age demographic.
I'm waiting for them to come to Sydney so I can get some custom made.
I like Casino Mike.
George Skoufis or EyeCeeAlso try online. Just order the frames and return them if they're not for you.Shuron and Moscot would be my pics.
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