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 Still got your Bathurst '88 tee?
 This.  Stuffwhitepeoplelike gives a pretty good summary.   I actually don't mind it as much as those ubiquitous slim ones with the big brand stuck on the sides.   I have those glasses 
 I enjoy face-stalking some of the Young Liberal girls. They can pull off black tie. 
 My general experience is that women push the boundaries of CBD to the limit - mandarin jackets, suit jackets in floral designs etc.
Does anyone else dislike lapel pins? Watching the news they're such a flogged horse. I can understand if you're a foreign minister at APEC but otherwise I think a plain lapel looks much nicer.
Nice, except for the double monks. I think a dark suit and black tie would be more appropriate today though.
Just got my Barbour Bristol today. Very happy, but I'll be in need of a suit bag.
The hat thing isn't working for you, guys. 
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