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SF, if you could only have one piece of outerwear which would you choose? I'm tossing up between a peacoat and my Barbour jacket.
I only own a pair of his shoes. They're nice enough but far too narrow for my feet so I'll be unloading them soon.
1. PJT; SS; OH. 2. Kamakura; CT; TML; MJB (occasionally).
This question is to FXH specifically but I'll address it to the thread generally: Does anyone have any experience with Baxter boots? The leather on my Craftsman is starting to give where my little toe is. due to their price I'm looking at trying a pair of the Baxter Saddlers due to the recent inflation of RM Williams prices.
I got $120 back on my Filson bag 🎉 Next up: 1. Sterlingwear Peacoat; 2. Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle; 3. More OCBDs (Suit Shop)
Anyone knows this is repairable? The shoe is wearing where my little toe is.
I'll be selling it and some shoes in the coming days.
I paid $345 from an Australian retailer a year and a bit ago, unfortunately the size is too small for anything over a night or so.Couldn't find an Aus retailer with a medium size, even internationally they're low on stock.
Bought a Filson medium duffle. Cost me $510. Stupid AUD.
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