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Again, that doesn't justify the prices they charge. This isn't 20-25% over wholesale, it's 50%+ and even double.
Read the above about Loakes distribution arrangement. Why should I feel bad about them being put out over it?Even factoring those in it doesn't make up for $200 or even double price mark ups.Are you trying to be devil's advocate? The overwhelming experience of this forum towards HB has been negative. I'd rather support DJs.
For the record I don't shop, visit or go near any of those places.I am currently on the train to Sydney to purchase a Peacoat that is $50 more expensive than the US market price - I am happy to pay it.I would not however, be prepared to pay $400-500 for a pair of Loakes at Henry Bucks when I can get them for $300 online withoutthe bad attitude.Don't try and blame wages or GST for what is often poor contracting and monopolistic practices.
Whilst I'm inclined to agree with you Jason I think if a business wants to charge the Australia tax they should pay a little premium as well.
 In a very limited range.  The saleswoman has a very thick Chinese accent too, which makes buying shoes very difficult for a noob...
 I meant more something like this: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=7&shoeid=2388 See how much higher the quality of the leather is?  You might be able to try a pair on at Henry Bucks (make sure you tell them afterwards 'you'll think about it' and run away with your tail between your legs). 
 Not starting a shitfight, but it is 'what I wear'.  You can do a lot worse.
A pair of black RM Williams. If I wanted a shoe if probably go a black cap oxford or dark brown brogue by either Loake 1880 or Meermin.
Apple knows what's best for us - don't hate on Apple.
I agree with JM, Uniqlo socks are good bang for buck.
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