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 Don't touch. I used to have one - blocky fit like an Anthony Squire, wool/poly mix and fused to hell.  Better to stick with MJ Bale/Herringbone/Rhodes & Beckett. Though there's a price gap and Target is much more accessible, my experience is that the shoulders of the Uniqlo jackets are much nicer. 
I would try the linen/cotton blend blazer from Uniqlo if you're looking for a blazer on the cheap. If you have the money though consider something M2M from SS or OH.
Is an overcoat really needed in Canberra? Or is it more something nice to have?
 My current GF is pretty cute and I wore them when I started dating her.  That said I never pay any attention to girls advice on clothes. Speaking of RMWs - there were no bargains to be had on the Longhorn Express   At the beginning, but then it moved into blood like the last time I breached my good behaviour bond. 
Considering they're just an industry funded lobby group I'm sure it wouldn't bother them.Interestingly, I reported one of their ad campaigns from last year to ACMA. I lost, but it got to a second hearing requiring a detailed response from drinkwise.
No and no.No.2-3 days.
Grey pit stains, and eventually they get a bit on the nose.Maytag front loader. Everyday wash setting (1hr). Cold wash. Omo powder. Dried on line.I take a moderate dosage of an SSRI which caused me to sweat more than your average bear.
Henry Carter?
Try the Armidale - its a really nice English navy. 
 Its hard for me to say because I haven't had much experience with P Johnson or OH shirts, which I would say are in the same category.  I own three M2M shirts from SS, all OCBDs, two in blue and one in white. The two in blue were a Thomas Mason fabric Rob gave me as they ran out of blue oxford, whereas the white was their standard fabric. I love all of them - the TM fabric is obviously the nicest but so is the standard fabric - on par or even nicer than a stock standard MJ...
New Posts  All Forums: