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I've always liked harsh drug laws. I don't have any real reason for it besides that they encourage anti social behaviour and I feel comfortable with big government.
Thinking of getting a Tissot Visodate from Peters of Kensington this weekend. Might get a spatula and tongs as well.
Herringbone suit?
I still like MJ Bale - they always have a half dozen decent suits in their Blue Label and Classic lines. After some of these stories I think I might go O&H when I get my suits (if ever) made. That said my Suit Shop suit fits me perfectly and is a very conservative (whilst tastefully modern) design.
I agree. That said P Johnson clearly have the ability to make well fitted suits. A couple of months ago an American was skeptical about P Johnson having seen pictures of Porter in a double breasted jacket that was way too slim for him. It's not a good marketing image.
Under $1K is our rule.Most seem to be under $500 though.
I don't drink, smoke, watch sports or gamble.
^^ looks like the Daniel Wellington my GF bought me. Such a classic design. I always wonder why Omega stopped making the 1950s Seamaster.
Write up of late:-   (1) I went shopping with a friend who was looking for some shirts for casual friday.  I was amazed at the BS service we got.    In TM Lewin we asked for one of the shirts advertised on the site.  I showed the page on my phone to the girl in the store who says "oh yes this is it" and hands him this shirt.    When we told her it wasn't it, she simply answered "oh its online only" and walked away.    Similar deal at Uniqlo.  He bought a pair of...
What do you guys think of a Tissot Visodate as a lawyer's watch? I wouldn't mind a more reliable movement like an ETA.
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