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Land's End would suit your age demographic.
I'm waiting for them to come to Sydney so I can get some custom made.
I like Casino Mike.
George Skoufis or EyeCeeAlso try online. Just order the frames and return them if they're not for you.Shuron and Moscot would be my pics.
Is a DJ an option?
Does Meermin still do individual M2M?
I know the one he fixed my Orient. How much did he charge?
Anyone know where I can get a cheap sapphire replacement in Sydney? Don't care about waterproofing etc.
Let me take a shot:1. The RM Williams Jodhpur with the buckle missing.2. Kangaroo.
I'm seeing a lot better shoes around of late. It appears the Myer type brands have started copying the designs of traditional shoes - brogues, oxfords etc.
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