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Besides Shuron and Moscot what are some other good trad eyewear brands to check out? (Not including Bailey Nelson, Warby Parker etc).
Yeah definitely me.
Do I want these? The only downside I can see is that they're 1/16th of a Rolex.
Just topy the fuckers.
True. I know my 'size'. Sometimes glasses don't suit my face whether they fit me or not.His wife bought him a green Hermes breast wallet - he's not doing too badly.
I bought a pair of Shuron Freeways today. I plan to turn them into sunglasses: Taking a stab in the dark as to fit unfortunately.
Not a fan of flannel. In Sydney you're lucky if it's cool enough to wear long pants.
I thought I would give non-RMWs one more try and bought a pair of Herring Knightbridges. The shoe is actually quite comfortable but the cap toe pinches the knuckle of my big toe. Is it possible to stretch the cap toe?
Wish we kept our national colours as white and sky blue.
Left my Muji umbrella on the train the other day 😣
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