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I reckon Redwings would be a lot of fun.
 Its about time Joe Hockey took notice of the shoe industry. 
More after OTR. I'm looking at Merc London and ASOS.
Hey guys, Where should I go for a classic Harrington jacket without the original Baracuta price?
I know its late but I thought I'd show you all my weekend/ugly mug shot.      Ray-bans Alpha Industries Levis TM Lewin
Timex Weekender = $30Uniqlo.
If I were going a pair of casual chukkas I would also consider Loake 1880s and Meermins. The non-beveled sole will appear more casual and still carryover when paired with a suit.
MJB has heaps in their sale section.
I've been in sydney this weekend. Went to HB. No Barbour jackets Anyone know where I could try on some A2/G1 jackets?
 Its confusing. I want to look like this:     But am taking advice from neck beards in fedoras (I won't embarrass them with pics).   Its really sad - a developer becoming a Mayor just reeks of BS. 
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