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^^ Too loud for my tastes.
On one of the few times I broke from SF groupthink I bought this from IKEA       Might not be as hardy as a polycarbon but its cheap and reminds me of Lego.    (also comes in orange). 
Email them. They were able to reduce my postage to $15 when I ordered from them.
Saddleback do some nice stuff. I use an RMWs kangaroo trifold I got with my shoes as a promotion. I don't carry many cards but it's nice not to have to pull everything out of my wallet everytime I do.
Herrings. If you can't afford Herrings try the new Geoffrey Beene range at Target.    They'll do you until you can afford some Herrings/Loakes. Only downside is that they don't run in half sizes.   
I have one. At $40 it was a great buy.
Go khaki/beige.
 I'm happy to wear it for her sake, its actually not that bad.  I guess I'm just concerned that this is the first step to ending up one of those guys in a purple shirt and Florsheims.   Its not bad - I was looking at an Orient Bambino before my birthday. Nicer movement, love from WISers and $50 cheaper.    Its not bad, just that some others on the market are better.   
Q - what do you guys do when you receive a sartorial gift from a significant other that you don't really like?    I got a Daniel Wellington watch for my birthday from my GF. I love her to bits, but the watch doesn't satisfy my WIS tendencies.    What do? 
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