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Not as good in the slimmer sizes. Most of their models are easy iron these days.
To clarify can you still buy Herrings made by Loake?
I wear my RMWs all year round. I tried a pair of brogues but they were nowhere near as comfortable. So yeah, black RMWs craftsman in the summer. It puts me miles ahead of all the Florsheim and Ecco wearers.
The girls dropped the charges, I don't know about Nabil though.
We're pretty lucky when it comes to suits in Aus. In the US/UK there seems to be a lot of OTR, a lot of top bespoke and not much in between. Saw a guy with a pocket square, suede oxfords and a Rolex on a NATO strap at the District Court today. Turns out it was Nabil.
Bought a CT extra slim shirt. It's about as thin as MJB's slim fit (which they don't really sell anymore). It's good, my only whinge is the cuffs are much looser than MJB's.
How much are you all paying for Kamakura? You can get some nice M2M shirts from SS/OH/Kazuna for $150 a pop.
Starting to regret having got the SARB035 and am thinking I should have gone the SARB033. Thoughts guys?
RM Williams kangaroo trifold.
Good riddance. They were fobbing off B-grade stock anyway.
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