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What is softer? Baby alpaca vs scottish cashmere? Edit: just did some reading. Apparently alpaca wins.
I like everything to match.
I'd go: - Suits, shirts, jackets: P Johnson - Shoes: RMWs - Ties: Henry Carter
MJB still does dozens of plain navy and grey suit. Considering you lot all wear pink and windowpane suits their new line should be just up your alley.
Bonds undershirts are fine. They don't make for great casual tees though which the OP was looking for.
This. Their casual line is all polyester blend crap.
I use mine for downloading porn.
 You guys are inland.  If I lived inland I'd buy an overcoat.  And maybe in Mels. 
 Agreed. If you need anything more than a scarf or cardi on the East Coast then you likely need to eat more. 
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