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Thanks guys - anyone know where I can get some decent frames at a decent price? I'm thinking of the plastic certificate frames from Officeworks.
Annabel Crabb is the most painful writer on the Drum. Apart from snide remarks and superficial analysis she really doesn't contribute anything. On the odd occasion I do read it I like Barrie Cassidy and some of the resident conservatives like Paula Mathewson and Chris Berg who at least question the side they're affiliated with. The economics commentary is woeful as well.
8-8.5 would be ideal for me.I was looking for one in dark red but I can't find one.I could easily get one from Chipp but so far I've kept my sartorial wardrobe entirely australian and want to keep it that way.
Does Herringbone still do those 7-fold ties? They've really gone downhill of late.
Stick to Black blutchers from Clarks old man
I still run a pair of Converse, though I'd say I'm losing interest in them.  Chukka boots can still look too formal to wear with jeans and a tee though. 
^^ Useful with all this talk of Nanna's Berries. Anyone on here know their Seiko watches? I want to ask a few questions via PM.
Brooks Brothers felt the need to move out here, it strikes me they could create a returns address at far less expense.  Don't Herring require you to post shoes back at your own expense? 
Question for some greater minds than me -    What stops a lot of companies like Herring, Brooks Brothers etc for having an Australian returns address like Lands End?    It would reduce the risk of purchasing overseas, especially for heavier items such as shoes. 
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