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Agreed. He's probably the patron of the Aussie thread. He's also the oldest person I know.
Notice of motion before the Chief Justice in Equity. Considering I appeared against a Senior Associate and a Partner of a mid tier firm I'm pretty happy with how it went.
It's trying so hard to be a Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono.
I appeared in the Supremo for the first time today. Lots of Rollies. Unfortunately they were all attached to badly dressed middle aged men.
I've always seen bal boots as surplus to requirements in Australia. I'd probably just get a pair of chukkas, or if you really want something to wear with a suit in winter, black RMWs.
1. I'm nearly 30;2. Noted;3. I too struggle with irony.
I'm doing a list of things you wear over 30: - Have to watch the news - No sneakers - No fashion watches, dive watches or NATO straps - No piercings or tattoos - No bracelets - No brightly coloured / novelty socks Anything I missed?
Orient makes a few rose gold models in the Bambino line.
^^ is that the Olsen line? Looks fantastic.
Yearling is a finer grain and is more formal.
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