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Why do you say this?I'm currently looking at a Seiko Sea Urchin or an Orient Mako. Aesthetically I prefer the Orient.
Bugger wool blends, just get some cavalry twill.
Life is full of contradictions.
On a controversial note, how does a fully canvassed suit from Suit Shop compare to a suit from P Johnson's Classic Line?
 For me: Jeans = Uniqlo Chinos = Uniqlo Business shirts = MJ Bale, TM Lewin and CT Business shoes = Herring, Loake Casual shoes = Clarks, Converse, Vans, Superga Suits = MJ Bale Glasses = Ray Bans  Watches = Timex  Rexona Original
Pretty much. Nothing like ASOS.
I like my Uniqlo jeans. For $40 ATM you can't go past them.
I personally don't worry much about sleeve length OTR. Unless they're billowing over your palm the amount of cuff they will show will vary depending on the length of the shirt sleeve. 
Do they have any street cred?In other news I'm getting rid of my sneakers and DBs. I'm sick of the lack of support.
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