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 When I started law only 5 of the 50 law students didn't have a job in the final year of law. Many of them would find work through their placement as part of the DLP.  By the time I was in 4th year a lot had changed - from memory Mallesons only took 20~ clerks, Baker McKenzie took 2 and advertised it as an "Asian perspectives" program with rotations at their HK and Singapore offices. Other firms would only give grad offers to 1/3rd of their clerks, or give them long...
Q - what makes a graduate 'job ready'?    From my limited experience, its incredibly difficult to teach soft knowledge, and by the time you do its often obsolete. 
Brooks Brothers, Alden and AE.
 Man that's one ugly shoe.  The Kempton is one of the models I'm looking at.   My size = 10.5H in RMWs.  I had a 10.5G (RMWs standard last) but it was a tad snug and when I got it resoled it came back a 10.5H. I'm after a dark brown suede chukka with dainite sole. In particular I'm looking at:  Herring - Gosforth II Loake 1880 - Pimlico or Kempton (preferably the former)
I'm a 10.5H in RMWs and I'd say the RMWs 10.5G is on par with the Loake Capitol last.I could probably fit in them at a pinch but I'd prefer a wide fit.
Is it possible to stretch a shoe in width? I'm planning to get a pair of Herring chukkas but they don't come in a wide fit.
Australians are generally ignorant of Islam, even on the left. 
 This was the model they were selling for $80 during the EFY sales:  They're selling a couple similar now for $140 which I imagine will go back on sale around boxing day. They come in half sizes too. I have a lot of friends who want a classic pair of shoes but don't want to bother with buying online, rotating and all the other fufu crap that is required by $300-400 shoes. For them, I think Julius Marlow is a good sell. 
FXH what do you think of Julius Marlow? They always have 1-2 captoe oxford shoes.
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