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Leave Barnsey out of this!
I'd get the Grand Duke strap in dark brown. Dark brown is very versatile.
This is a question for FXH - Often you say that wearing a suit jacket whilst driving is bad for it. Why is this? Is this the same when sitting in other places? (Eg an office chair?) and can it be remedied by unbuttoning the suit?
Tell them they're dreaming.
And their purple line? I'll probably keep supporting MJ Bale. I wish they would do more conservative slim fit shirts but apparently my request is in the minority.
Wouldn't Suit Supply end up $500+ once you account for our garbage exchange rate?
RM Williams = world's most comfortable shoe.
Herrings do wide fit shoes.
Wow. As if my purchasing power wasn't already weakened enough by our shit dollar. I can't save anything either with our "great" interest rates.
Snatched up that red grenadine from HC. Should be good for Labor party meets. Wish it was a smidge darker and 8cm, but #yolo.
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