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 Things are tough when you have to print your own vintage ties.   Speaking of, I just bought x3 MJ Bale 'Murray' shirts. Their slim fit range is really starting to disappear.  I hope you guys are right about pinpoint fabric because that'll be all I have come summer.   Versus?  Edit: Born in 1990, I'm very familiar with it to the point where I had to read your post a couple of times to get what you were on about. 
Can I get an FXH seal of approval? 
Excuse my ignorance guys,    when you all hang your shirts (if you hang your shirts) do you do up the buttons of the shirts or leave them undone? 
I tend to find with a few exceptions Casio, Seiko and Citizen are pretty dull. Orient does some really nice designs for a relatively low price. I find Timex do too though they're like the Nespresso of the watch world (not real coffee/automatic but still taste good/look good).
Thanks everyone for their perspectives. I'm going to end up going with the Tamworth job for the long term prospects.I'm hoping to get 2-3 years experience in commercial litigation here and then look at finding somewhere in Sydney.I went to these for years.1/10th wear black tieThe rest wear suits. Badly.Go with the navy option, maybe without the waistcoat.
After 6 months of nothing I got two job offers for a law firm in Parramatta (personal injury) and a commercial firm in Tamworth/Nelson Bay. NFC what to do. What would Agnelli do?
Do you guys find when you first start an automatic after a couple of days it loses an hour? I find my Orient does. Once I reset it again though it works fine.
I could handle a cleaner, a gardener or someone doing the lawn but an employee there all the time would feel strange.I would especially feel weird having a cook working every night - it would feel too intimate.Wife and kids I could handle, not so much employees.
I wouldn't feel comfortable having another person hanging around my house all day. I guess I'm too middle class.Luckily I'll never have to have that concern.
This is a terribly anal question but when you're wearing a sweater with an OCBD do you still want to show a 1/2 inch of cuff or do you want the sweater to break on your wrists?
New Posts  All Forums: