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Quick Rivet question - could anyone provide a rise measurement from crotch seam to top of waistband for Rivet Chinos in sz 34? Thanks, Hal
Hi Mike, I'm trying to nail down my choices for some MTO Rudy's in navy and khaki, but am having a hard time choosing which khaki to go with - G&L, English Sanded, etc. Would it be possible for you to post a photo with the different khaki cottons in the same shot for a color comparo? Thanks, Hal
Thanks for the suggestion, guys - I was thinking more of a light zip-up jacket, something like the Eisenhower in a nice crisp navy cotton twill or similar - but will think about the Doyle as an option.Cheers,H
Hey Mike, Any new spring outerwear coming up? Just looking at my closet and thinking I need a lightweight casual piece. Cheers, H
Good suggestion!
No international returns, sadly. Fellow Canuck here - knowing your measurements and working with the size charts is the best you can do.
Tennis shoe concept looks great! I know you don't typically carry smaller sizes, but if there was any way to get a few size 7 or 7.5 in stock, that would make me happy! Cheers, Hal
Thanks SG - coincidentally I had been looking at some wool that would probably do nicely: http://www.maharam.com/products/steelcut-by-kvadrat/colors/255
Thanks for the input, Douglas. After doing a bit more reading, I think I'll go with something other than pure linen. Cheers, H
Hi all, I'm having some upholstered furniture made and really like the look of 100% linen. Can anyone with experience comment on the pros and cons of linen upholstery? I saw one alarming comment online that said linen looks good for about 9 months - no mention as to why though - wrinkles? stains? wear? Thanks, H
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