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Hi Mike, Any chance of MTO on the Derby shoes in the future? They are pretty much just what I'm looking for, would take a pair in black and brown, but I need 7.5D :-( Cheers, Harry
Derby shoes look good! Any chance of an MTO at some point to get a smaller size? Needing 7.5D means I'm always missing out on prime Epaulet footwear options. Hal
How's the fit on the LBM overcoats? Interested in the AF blue double-breasted, and noted the advice to size up, but wondering if it is boxy at all, and how well it will hang on my 5'7" frame. Cheers, Hal
Very interested in the answer to this also - any cavalry twill MTO's coming up?
Good advice, will do - was hoping to catch a Rivet owner at home last night, but shop is likely a better bet now that the workweek has begun.Cheers,Hal
No problem - "full rise" given on the site is from lowest point on the crotch, not from seam. Also, I'd like to get both front and back rise.
Yes - measurements from the seam to the top of the waistband
Bumping b/c I expect this was buried by pre-order announcement
Mike (or anyone with size 34 Rivets), I'm a Rudy guy interested in trying out some Rivets - could you post front rise and back rise (from the seam to top of waistband) measurements for size 34 Rivet chinos? Thanks, Hal
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