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How's the fit on the Heschung Odeon last? Interested in both the Frene and Hetre. I take 7.5D in Alden Plaza, 7D in Alden Barrie. Thanks, Hal
Thanks, helpful.Hal
Hi Duke,Thanks for that, it's helpful! Would you mind sharing what size that is, and how tall you are?Cheers,Hal
Looking for an uninsulated (or lightly insulated) MA-1 with a synthetic shell and a reasonably trim fit - the puffy ones, especially those with the wide ribbed waist of the original (Alpha, Buzz Rickson), don't look good on my short, somewhat stocky frame. Recommendations? I think something similar to the Attachment model from a few years back would be what I'm looking for. Thanks, Hal
Great, thanks Greg. Will NWMA stock the liner?
Question - how's the fit on the Norwegian Rain Pilot Short jacket? Chest measurement on Size M looks ample for me, but in the pic on the dummy, the jacket looks quite sculpted through the waist, and my build is more | | than \ /. Is there a lot of taper from chest to the waist? Thanks, Harry
Hi Mike, Any chance of MTO on the Derby shoes in the future? They are pretty much just what I'm looking for, would take a pair in black and brown, but I need 7.5D :-( Cheers, Harry
Derby shoes look good! Any chance of an MTO at some point to get a smaller size? Needing 7.5D means I'm always missing out on prime Epaulet footwear options. Hal
How's the fit on the LBM overcoats? Interested in the AF blue double-breasted, and noted the advice to size up, but wondering if it is boxy at all, and how well it will hang on my 5'7" frame. Cheers, Hal
Very interested in the answer to this also - any cavalry twill MTO's coming up?
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