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Very interested in the answer to this also - any cavalry twill MTO's coming up?
Good advice, will do - was hoping to catch a Rivet owner at home last night, but shop is likely a better bet now that the workweek has begun.Cheers,Hal
No problem - "full rise" given on the site is from lowest point on the crotch, not from seam. Also, I'd like to get both front and back rise.
Yes - measurements from the seam to the top of the waistband
Bumping b/c I expect this was buried by pre-order announcement
Mike (or anyone with size 34 Rivets), I'm a Rudy guy interested in trying out some Rivets - could you post front rise and back rise (from the seam to top of waistband) measurements for size 34 Rivet chinos? Thanks, Hal
Bummer, I was waiting on that one too.
Great, thanks - order going in now! H
Mike, Would hemming work with the Union Jersey fabric? I think I need an L to fit shoulders/chest, but it would be 2" too long in length and sleeves. Thanks, Hal
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