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I agree with this. I think the date and moon phase complications are very well done on this dial.
A bunch of members bought new old stock JM Handmades some 10 years ago. Gosh, those were the days. Search my username for a few leads. I still have mine but they're in need of a resole, and frankly, they're just sitting because I'm not sure who I'd trust to do the job.
Yep, I think it's going to be a hit.
I went with the silver dial for a classic look. I didn't really consider the black and the blue didn't exist back in 2008. I don't have many watches so versatility was and is key for me. I haven't seen the blue in the metal but it seems pretty striking in the pictures. Not in a bad way necessarily, but I prefer more understated looks.Here's a picture of mine, fresh from a recent repair.
I've posted about this 5500 that I inherited a while back that needed some repair and service. It's now looking and running great. I've been giving a lot of thought to its wearability given that it's on the small side and it's intended to be a sports watch. The solution that I'm testing is to dress it up a little -- so I went with this brown round-scaled crocodile strap. I like it but I'm not convinced that this is the optimal solution and am now considering a brown...
For the record, I still think the Rolex is the clear winner, but for discussion purposes, I'll mention baume et mercier, chanel, and bulgari.
I bought my wife a similar watch but 31mm and silver dial. Diamond dial, fluted bezel, jubilee bracelet, you can't go wrong. I enjoy looking at it as much as she does! We didn't find anything comparable.
It won't matter, but if I were you, I would break them in before the big day. It will help in terms of comfort and traction, in which case you will need to use the trees. They could probably use a spit shine as well.
I carry a small knife when I'm wearing jeans and use it mostly for opening packages or cutting plastic. I feel naked without it, though I could probably use a key if I had to in most cases. I'd love if my knife could open a bottle and had a screwdriver, but there is no appeal to me for carrying a multi-tool like those pictured above. Light and thin (with a clip) are features that ensure that I choose to automatically carry a knife with me and thus are more important to...
Funny you mentioned 34 mm -- the reason I started thinking about this more was because I started wearing an older Rolex AK. It's 34 mm and a couple people commented that it looked like a ladies watch. I'm 6'2" but actually like how it fits my wrist, and am ok with wearing it with long sleeves; I agree it would look a little small with a t-shirt. Interestingly, the dial of a 34 mm AK is comparable to the dial of a 40 mm Sub, the other components of the watch making up...
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