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I'm drinking an organic bean from Papua New Guinea by the Timuza collective. From what I can tell, PNG is an emerging player in the specialty coffee space. Certainly juicy and I get a hint of grapefruit rind. You might like it.
I'm not concerned about trends at all. By way of analogy, some people are faced with this dilemma: buying a large house far from where they work, or buying a small house/condo close to where they work. Studies have repeatedly shown that people often underestimate the toll of their long commute, and overestimate the joy they might get from the size of their home. My question was directed to those who previously wore large watches who now say they'd never go back. At...
I'm curious to hear your thoughts on owning and wearing the Rad, particularly your comment about the size. My assumption would be that you wore it only casually. I'm sort of considering a 45mm fifty fathoms but worry a little about its long term wearability. I understand its not a daily driver; I have other watches for more elegant occasions. This would be purely for sports/casual wear, and without the benefit of experience, it would seem well suited for that purpose so...
Ha, no, just a serving. Around 50 grams if I recall correctly.
I tried the Yirgacheffe Starbucks Reserve from a clover recently based on the strength of the recommendations from this thread. The beans came from an sealed bag of beans off the retail shelf and I watched the barasta grind them so I know that they're pretty fresh (albeit, without knowing the roasting date). By way of background, I'm an espresso guy and generally abhor Starbucks. Their espresso tastes like ash to me. I'm relatively new to coffee. In my opinion, I...
I had a similar experience with my GO sixties. I needed a dial after service for probably the same reason and it took two months. That was on top of the downtime for the service which was lengthy as well. The dials are quite special though and I was told they take a long time to make. All water under the bridge now as I have my watch back and truly do love that exquisite dial.
I agree with this, go moon!
Me too.
Do they make long sizes?
I'm just curious about your choice to buy another grinder. My recollection is that you brew coffee with an aeropress. Since the aeropress is so forgiving, my question is whether there is much benefit to using an excellent grinder. I could see better consistency, but when you're brewing basically one or two cups a day, how much does the grinder really matter? Again, we're talking coffee here, not espresso, so I don't believe fineness or uniformity really matter all that...
New Posts  All Forums: