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I thought that was a vintage pocket watch, re-dialed, turned 90 degrees, with either lugs welded on or in a new case. Handsome piece, wear it in good health!
Breathing new life into my 15 years young Speedy reduced with a new strap.
Love that Blancpain.
Thanks to all for the comments. Yeah, my questions weren't very clear. I was just looking for some fun facts about my GO Sixties, or GO generally. I recently bought my wife a watch so my interest in watches in general has been piqued. I've been watching this thread in earnest but it will be some time until I'm ready to spring for something new.
Sorry for the confusion. Yeah, I got it fixed a year ago.
I'd appreciate some comments on my GO which is running 7 years strong. It needed some service about a year ago when the crown inexplicably broke. It has a lot of sentimental value to me, but I don't know too much about the house or the movement.
Yep, you got what you ordered.
Looking forward to your results!
Hey fellas, Quick question, could someone point me to the "go-to" Rolex AD online or B&M? I have a couple of dealers nearby but am looking to save a couple bucks if I can (and tax!), so long as there's 0% chance I'd be getting a fake. Gift's for my wife. Thanks! Renault
I suspected the same, he posted something on B&S recently, I think he was trying to sell his book of business. I'm curious who you find.
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