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Random question here, but what do you suppose contributes to a coffee's aftertaste? Can we all agree that a cup of fine coffee should have a pleasant aftertaste even an hour or two after drinking? I bought some Burundian beans which look normal and taste great, but have a terrible aftertaste that just lingers and lingers. Hard to describe the flavor, but the sensation on my tongue is similar to tannic -- dry and bitter. I've tried grinding on my Encore finer and...
So hot.
I have one, love everything about it though have nothing pour-over related to compare it to. Great design and quality. Drips slow so it really does take about 3 minutes of constant attention to make a cup and it is quite consistent. It's my go to for weekends for no other reason then it's kind of fun.
I don't really follow too many threads here anymore, but just to echo a couple sentiments stated above, I find that the vast majority of pictures here are mostly to show particular features of a certain suit or shoe or fit combo. It's good for geeking out and appreciating subtle details or stylistic choices. On other forums ( or say Instagram), I think people often are trying to portray a certain lifestyle which is a little cloying. Like, conspicuously including the...
True, the sub is the better all-arounder, but for a weekend watch, I'd definitely choose the SD.
Yeah, I saw that and it looks like it's a solid design improvement.
I'm not into hand grinders (yet!) but isn't oe the obvious choice?
This isn't like your typical Sumatra, which is why I recommended it! It'll be easy to google search, it won a cupping competition late last year.
I'm drinking an organic bean from Papua New Guinea by the Timuza collective. From what I can tell, PNG is an emerging player in the specialty coffee space. Certainly juicy and I get a hint of grapefruit rind. You might like it.
I'm not concerned about trends at all. By way of analogy, some people are faced with this dilemma: buying a large house far from where they work, or buying a small house/condo close to where they work. Studies have repeatedly shown that people often underestimate the toll of their long commute, and overestimate the joy they might get from the size of their home. My question was directed to those who previously wore large watches who now say they'd never go back. At...
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