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That's a nice assortment. And I can vouch for the great customer service at the store, love you guys.
Surprised to hear anyone say SB peak is peacockish, particularly on a dinner jacket. Maybe if the peaks were more moderately sized and the gorge not too high, perhaps you might change your mind? I think it'd be ideal given your description of your body. As far as the waist covering, I have a slight preference for a low cut, DB vest. Shawl of course.
Lol, the first is no longer with us and the second has long retired. I don't think either are going to be of much help.
Enzo Caruso.
Naw, I'd never ride in my dress shoes.
Definitely wouldn't wear those with a suit - if boots, go with balmoral boots. Those posted above would be fine with odd combos.
I didn't do a good job photographing it, but you can see it just to the left of the flash reflection. It's on the toe. Not the normal creasing across the vamp.
I don't think these were posted yet: Anthony Cleverley
I've been meaning to share these for a while now. Some of the old timers might remember the hubbub about J&M Handmade shoes. These were a line of hand-welted shoes made by Johnston & Murphy from Freudenburg Calf. Rumored to be made for dignitaries and the Rat Pack, the line has been defunct for years. These in particular were referred to as Detroit Spade or shovel sole shoes. Pretty unique design shape with a distinctly vintage feel. I've been wearing them 10 years,...
New Posts  All Forums: