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For the record, I still think the Rolex is the clear winner, but for discussion purposes, I'll mention baume et mercier, chanel, and bulgari.
I bought my wife a similar watch but 31mm and silver dial. Diamond dial, fluted bezel, jubilee bracelet, you can't go wrong. I enjoy looking at it as much as she does! We didn't find anything comparable.
It won't matter, but if I were you, I would break them in before the big day. It will help in terms of comfort and traction, in which case you will need to use the trees. They could probably use a spit shine as well.
I carry a small knife when I'm wearing jeans and use it mostly for opening packages or cutting plastic. I feel naked without it, though I could probably use a key if I had to in most cases. I'd love if my knife could open a bottle and had a screwdriver, but there is no appeal to me for carrying a multi-tool like those pictured above. Light and thin (with a clip) are features that ensure that I choose to automatically carry a knife with me and thus are more important to...
Funny you mentioned 34 mm -- the reason I started thinking about this more was because I started wearing an older Rolex AK. It's 34 mm and a couple people commented that it looked like a ladies watch. I'm 6'2" but actually like how it fits my wrist, and am ok with wearing it with long sleeves; I agree it would look a little small with a t-shirt. Interestingly, the dial of a 34 mm AK is comparable to the dial of a 40 mm Sub, the other components of the watch making up...
I've been pondering this question lately. I've read here and on multiple other fora that watch case sizes vary over time: the current trend is oversized cases and eventually, the pendulum will swing the other way. I wanted to challenge whether that actually is true. In my albeit limited experience, all the vintage watches I've seen are generally small. Exceptions would be an aviator's watch or a diver's watch. Have we actually seen case sizes wax and wane over time? ...
My favorite thread on this forvm; I'm so happy to see that it's still steaming ahead. I'm contemplating getting a diver. I have a personal connection with swimming, the ocean, and marine life, and have been SCUBA certified some twenty years ago. I don't dive much anymore, so am drawn to wearing a diver (currently wearing a speedy, casually) primarily for the look. I'd like something iconic and classic. Of course, the Sub comes to mind, but I'm not really a Rolex guy,...
I thought that was a vintage pocket watch, re-dialed, turned 90 degrees, with either lugs welded on or in a new case. Handsome piece, wear it in good health!
Breathing new life into my 15 years young Speedy reduced with a new strap.
Love that Blancpain.
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