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Looking forward to your results!
Hey fellas, Quick question, could someone point me to the "go-to" Rolex AD online or B&M? I have a couple of dealers nearby but am looking to save a couple bucks if I can (and tax!), so long as there's 0% chance I'd be getting a fake. Gift's for my wife. Thanks! Renault
I suspected the same, he posted something on B&S recently, I think he was trying to sell his book of business. I'm curious who you find.
For fitting info, I'm on the larger size of 11UK in most of the English brands and Carmina. These are size 45.5 on the F-Last and fit comfortably out of the box. The color is Vass' new gold museum, though they're labeled "cognac museum calf" on the box.
I'm wearing mine today. These were ordered through Epaulet as gold museum, but they actually are labeled "cognac museum calf" on the box. I'm pretty sure they're one and the same. The "museum" aspect of it is basically indiscernible. Looks like cognac to me, but you be the judge:
Just checking in to make one observation and one confession. First, I'm finding it impossible to get a mirror shine with Saphir's clear polish. It's in a large tin that's probably 6 months old. It's still very soft and I have a feeling it'll work better when it's dried out. I'm confident it's not my technique -- I get an awesome, blinding shine with the Saphir black polish. Anyone know why? Now the confession. Before buying Saphir, I had a tin of clear Kiwi polish...
Brown blucher.
My opinion, you are overthinking this. That shoe cream should be fine.
I tend to agree with this. I only carry my knife on casual days, and I chose a spyderco chaparral because of its size, particularly because it's very thin and light. I also made a point to avoid something that looks too tactical. I think this strikes the right balance. I toyed with the idea of getting something more elegant, but I am very happy with this purchase.
Random question, but I had a dove double-breasted waistcoat made for my wedding. I'm thinking about putting it into use as an odd waistcoat for special occasions. Since it was originally made as part of a stroller (which is intended for daytime), I wonder if it'll look strange or incoherent if I wore this at night? Not the stroller, but the dove odd vest with, say, a peak lapel suit. Thoughts? Put another way, is a dove DB odd vest only appropriate for daytime wear?
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