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if you look at the second picture you can see that it looks rather purpl, which to me suggests its a dark brownish color.
Thanks for your response. As far as I'm concerned no one around me carries Dalton's so other AE products in whatever last the Dalton's are made should work right? And I know but based off of inches alone my shoe size is about 11 US. Like I said that's the main issue! I can't figure out my TRUE size because the things that measure your foot at shoe stores say the same thing 10.5-11. But all my dress shoes are 9-10 and athletic shoes 10.5-11
I would suggest a nice grey coat. Something in a nice thick tweed or flannel! And a brown tweed vest just because they're nice!
hey guys i need some serious help! i cant figure out shoe sizes at all. my feet measure almost 11 inches in length (10 and 7/8 ) and about 4 and 1/4 wide. i need help determining the size and the last.        i usually wear 9.5 in most shoes unless theyre athletic shoes.    also i did print out the AE chart and it says im a size 11. i have never owned a single size 11 shoe. cole haan 9.5 hugo uk8 help!     im highly interested in the AE daltons!
The definition of class!
And this is the type of response I get for asking a reasonable question!
Buy a Zikar lighter. They have an incredible life time warranty and phenomenal customer service. All my cigar pals own one. Including myself. Great product. Many many many price points!
Old humidor pic
Sennheiser IE-8s
Absolutely love this show! Harvey's wide lapels, spread collars, and huge knots!
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