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Quote: Originally Posted by Cali Just some info for anyone looking, I own a pair of these jeans and I love them. The denim is very nice and the cut reminds me of Nudie SS or RR. A little wider in the leg than the slim stuff you see around here, but the rise is low enough to keep them looking modern. Get some amazing Japanese denim at a fraction of their retail price! True story!
what's the rise on the flat heads?
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Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Kiya removed this off SE website, but IIMSC, they're cut straight down from the thigh. In other words, a trousers-like, generous and very "anti-sufu" fit; leg opening 8.75" - 9.5". Could be $100 + shipping, which is the price before the final cut. Either way, I don't think there're much of a demand for them at full retail, ~$300. Yes they are straight cut no taper jean. $100 plus shipping sounds...
Quote: Originally Posted by landho Measurements? I don't have a measuring tape to measure the leg opening, but inseam is 36, waist 28, and I think the rise is 10 or 10.5 if I remember correctly.
Quote: Originally Posted by the etruscan Ringring is an occasional poster on superfuture. He knows a lot about denim. Ringring approved denim is good denim. The name comes from being ring spun for both warp and weft. nice! I really do like the denim and the cut is nice. But it's just not for me. I hope somebody else could enjoy these, cuz the quality is SUPERB
Quote: Originally Posted by Gaius Pompeius Trimalchio Great denim--ringring approved, in fact. what's ring ring?
I got some BRAND NEW NEVER WORN 10th Anniversary Flat Head 5100's in size 28 inseam 36 (unhemmed) These are the nicest quality denim I have seen and I wish they fit me better. But I'm just used to a lower rise and don't feel comfortable in em. (I'm still trying to convince myself to keep them cuz they're so nice) I don't have any pics (all I have is a web cam which I could show them to you if you really desired) Here's a picture from selfedge.com hope they don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by proncis The folks at Sling and Stones have a lower end line called Good Society that has raw denim for under $100. Bought some of the selvage straight fit from Revolve. They are also available at Context so you could use the style forum discount there. too. The selvage straight fit's that came in today are pretty nice. Looking forward to working them in. Also working on some RB6's that I've had for about 3 months too. Raw...
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