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here's another pic of what the fit looks like
Quote: Originally Posted by Cali Just some info for anyone looking, I own a pair of these jeans and I love them. The denim is very nice and the cut reminds me of Nudie SS or RR. A little wider in the leg than the slim stuff you see around here, but the rise is low enough to keep them looking modern. Get some amazing Japanese denim at a fraction of their retail price! True story!
what's the rise on the flat heads?
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Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Kiya removed this off SE website, but IIMSC, they're cut straight down from the thigh. In other words, a trousers-like, generous and very "anti-sufu" fit; leg opening 8.75" - 9.5". Could be $100 + shipping, which is the price before the final cut. Either way, I don't think there're much of a demand for them at full retail, ~$300. Yes they are straight cut no taper jean. $100 plus shipping sounds...
Quote: Originally Posted by landho Measurements? I don't have a measuring tape to measure the leg opening, but inseam is 36, waist 28, and I think the rise is 10 or 10.5 if I remember correctly.
Quote: Originally Posted by the etruscan Ringring is an occasional poster on superfuture. He knows a lot about denim. Ringring approved denim is good denim. The name comes from being ring spun for both warp and weft. nice! I really do like the denim and the cut is nice. But it's just not for me. I hope somebody else could enjoy these, cuz the quality is SUPERB
Quote: Originally Posted by Gaius Pompeius Trimalchio Great denim--ringring approved, in fact. what's ring ring?
I got some BRAND NEW NEVER WORN 10th Anniversary Flat Head 5100's in size 28 inseam 36 (unhemmed) These are the nicest quality denim I have seen and I wish they fit me better. But I'm just used to a lower rise and don't feel comfortable in em. (I'm still trying to convince myself to keep them cuz they're so nice) I don't have any pics (all I have is a web cam which I could show them to you if you really desired) Here's a picture from selfedge.com hope they don't...
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