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burpees push ups (push up claps if you can do em) do as many as you can straight until you fall on your face. There's also plenty of different pushups you can do, wide stance, close stance, far above your head, right under your ribs, extend a leg out in the air hand stand push ups against a wall prone bridges leg extensions reverse crunches there's an exercise a friend (crossfiter) told me about where you basically walk up a wall backwards using your feet on the wall...
I've got quite a few grays at 26, had em since I was a teen. I like the look. Something to aspire to
no... it's an exercise and a full body one at that. I think if you're mixing running/swimming and weight training you should be getting plenty of exercise. It also seems like you're exercising quite a bit, maybe take a day off in between. Or instead of doing 1.5 mile on treadmill, do some basic weight training squats/deads/bench/overhead (stronglifts routine may help) and do some sprints or interval training. If you're trying to lose weight you should be looking more...
looks like a nice little routine
Quote: Originally Posted by D Yizz Yup, one week every 3 or so months work great for me. Also, I always think 7 day workouts are overkill. I think the ideal is a 5 day workout week, at most 6 days, with at least one of those of very low impact exercise. I think for weight training 5 days is too much. I'd say 1 day on 1 day rest is good. Which translates to about 3-4 days a week
amazing... I want
I like those seavees
went to the doctor, he took some x-rays, discs seem fine. He said it's a very slim possibility I could have some small fractures or tears, that he wouldn't be able to see without an MRI. He wants me to do some physical therapy for a month, continue to go to the gym, but lay off squats or anything that may injure my back. He prescribed Naprosyn (anti-inflammatory). He said if I'm still in pain in a month I'm going in the MRI. Really, he didn't check much more than what...
yeah I'm going to a sports medicine doctor on Friday... my copay is $10 so I guess it's worth my time to get checked out before I start doing training again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White Is Soma an anti-inflammatory? No. Soma is a knockout drug for people who hurt too much to fall asleep. You really should not play Russian roulette with drugs. What you did wrong was to lift more than 70 lbs. After a back injury, your new maximum is about 30. Don't believe me? Go pick up heavier weight and watch yourself get injured again. Don't say I didn't warn you. Accept the fact that you are young and...
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