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$65 shipped!!!!
Thanks so much Kiya! Could you give us details of sizing? What size is he wearing there? Just trying to get an idea on sizing. I have an XS hoodie that fits me like a small/medium. And I don't want it to look hang out from my waist. (28 waist)
I'm fairly short about 5'7 and too high of a raise makes it look like I'm wearing pants which are too big for me, not to mention they would sit almost at my belly button. 10" is the highest I can go comfortably. My Good societies are about 9" and I actually like how they come down on me. I think it's personal preference. I beleive Pure Blue Japans come in low rises.
not going to get wallet fade if you don't sit on your wallet I'd get the cyclicst Iron Hearts or the Samurais
congrats! I like the new format... looks very cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leonard Leroy I look tired in this picture because I am. This was going to be one of those waywt pictures I took and decided not to post but hey whatever. If you haven't noticed yet, I have a smaaaaal wardrobe, I just kinda mix and match and hopefully not look like i'm wearing the same thing everyday (which I am). Small wardrobe or not, mixing and matching is effective. Nice work.
Quote: Originally Posted by woadie +1 for whoever mentioned Ever. I like their hoodies, they are a bit thicker than average, made in the U.S., and have a nice waffle texture lining. Two caveats however: 1) The tag is very long, like half a foot, but it has dedicated space for your name and address. Sometimes it sticks out when I wear it. 2) The hood is HUGE. Personally, I like it, b/c I look like the emperor guy from Star Wars and it protects me from...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRealAshland Von Dutch is now sold at walmart Give Ed Hardy a couple of years
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I heard crotchless trousers from Eric Glennie are going to be all the rage. LOL Ed Hardy is lamerz... given waaaaaay too much undeserved attention. Just like that Von Dutch crap
is it possible to get any more pictures from different angles??
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