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Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Lots of good black in the last two months. Totally Epic, Dec 9th http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...postcount=5637 This guy rox as does this dude
Quote: Originally Posted by DucatiCole Nice. I'll be ordering one of those Red Wing belts. anybody know where to get the Red Wing belt in Natural Leather
$90 shipped to atlanta? ps. what do you usually wear for say a sport coat or a jacket? I want one of these hoodies but wasn't sure if I should go down to an XS myself
FINAL PRICE DROP $60 shipped
where do you get the red wing belts??
What's your favorite rums?
Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred Why would you possibly pay more for them... well I wouldn't pay more than $15 for those in particular. But they have other models that don't sell for any less usually.
$65 shipped!!!!
Thanks so much Kiya! Could you give us details of sizing? What size is he wearing there? Just trying to get an idea on sizing. I have an XS hoodie that fits me like a small/medium. And I don't want it to look hang out from my waist. (28 waist)
I'm fairly short about 5'7 and too high of a raise makes it look like I'm wearing pants which are too big for me, not to mention they would sit almost at my belly button. 10" is the highest I can go comfortably. My Good societies are about 9" and I actually like how they come down on me. I think it's personal preference. I beleive Pure Blue Japans come in low rises.
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