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where did you get that buckle? looks nice!
throw a pic up of your spiewak... I may be wanting to buy it if it's for sale
mine had a bunch of peach fuzz after a soak... but it starts going away the more you use them
I like the old spice red zone solid white as well... scents aren't too strong and it keeps me fresh. But I don't sweat that much so I only use a little.
Quote: Originally Posted by Forkit Where can I buy this belt?? Please let me know!! check with www.selfedge.com they got all the cool stuff but, all the cool stuff comes with a price and it's so cool you want to pay it
Quote: Originally Posted by landho What about the Red Wing Gentleman Traveler in black cherry? I like those!
Anybody know where to get these boots? (other than Japan) The brand is Lone Wolf and I like how the laces go close to the toe and that it has a thinner sole. Or if anybody has any recommendations to a similar boot that's sold here in the US. Thanks in advanced taken from the SUFU thread 'shoes that look better with age'
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Lots of good black in the last two months. Totally Epic, Dec 9th http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...postcount=5637 This guy rox as does this dude
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