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I don't think this qualifies as an annoying bump. Just reminding that they are still for sale
info on this?
really guys... just wear them every day, they will be broken in with no time at all. I started wearing my flat heads and I couldn't even put my hands in my pockets they were so stiff... literally painful. And now they are comfortable as hell after only a few weeks of wearing them.
where did you get that buckle? looks nice!
throw a pic up of your spiewak... I may be wanting to buy it if it's for sale
mine had a bunch of peach fuzz after a soak... but it starts going away the more you use them
I like the old spice red zone solid white as well... scents aren't too strong and it keeps me fresh. But I don't sweat that much so I only use a little.
Quote: Originally Posted by Forkit Where can I buy this belt?? Please let me know!! check with www.selfedge.com they got all the cool stuff but, all the cool stuff comes with a price and it's so cool you want to pay it
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