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Quote: Originally Posted by kiya These are gone gone gone everywhere by now. They did a special run for Self Edge and another store a month ago, but those are long gone. They're rereleasing this hoodie in six months though as part of their Fall line. But wait till you see the REST of the fall line, shit is going to blow your mind. We're going to also start doing online sales for B.Son and carry their new high end outerwear line which starts in the...
I have one and I love it! My favorite hoodie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird I just wanted to add my enthusiasm for this store, I ordered a Save Khaki longsleeve "tailored" tee, and absolutely love it. It came fast as well. I'm already considering my next purchase : ) I agree. I got an Apolis Activism hoodie and t-shirt and they are insanely comfortable and well made. Also have their SFxMax and Unicorn wallet which is so nice and slim you can put in your coat jacket and it won't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Savage Yes the discount can be used in store. If you are local you should stop by this Thursday we are having an Art Gallery Opening Party from 6-9. Featuring local artist Travis Smith and his Robot paintings. It should be a good time, free drinks, music and spring clothes. I will be there! Can't wait to see your Shades of Greige collection! Really nice stuff!
I love this store... they got some really cool stuff. Congrats on the official affiliate status Dresscodes!
the organic twill jacket looks nice! I want to see the flannel shirt as well
ok... show your cards!!
next week is here! Where the pics?!?!?!
Can't wait for the end of the week!
those look nice, but I'm holding out for the self edge flat head denim, whenever that comes out
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