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Nice deal... those Nudies Slim Jims are nice!
paypal for shades shirt sent!
have any pics of the Shades roll up shirt? Interested.
I may try to stop by this weekend...
I have a pair of good societies... I don't wear them that much anymore cuz I wear my flat heads, but the good societies are nice! They are soft and they stretch a little bit. They probably won't take that long to fade in either.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Savage On a good note though we placed a pretty big order for fall/winter. There's always a silver lining!
Quote: Originally Posted by warrengharding Purchased the same shirt myself. Will you guys be getting anymore of the navy version of that shirt in medium? if they ever did I'm first in line for a small or medium ... I think we're out of luck on that man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird Actually I hate this new model. The old one, despite his tragic hair-cut at least looked like a decent, non-aggressive human. That said, the new collection is excellent : ) Doesn't matter to me what model they use, the clothing speaks for itself. I just bought a shades of greige button down short sleeve and it is AMAZING. I am so looking forward to warm weather so I can wear it. And from what I have...
Dresscodes looked awesome with all the robots hanging around... I liked it alot. The preparation and effort was much appreciated. And the new spring stuff looked great. Thanks again!
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya These are gone gone gone everywhere by now. They did a special run for Self Edge and another store a month ago, but those are long gone. They're rereleasing this hoodie in six months though as part of their Fall line. But wait till you see the REST of the fall line, shit is going to blow your mind. We're going to also start doing online sales for B.Son and carry their new high end outerwear line which starts in the...
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